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Dec 22 - Jan 19

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Capricorn Forecast for 2023: Money

For less than 72 hours it is business as usual as you move into this new financial year, a year that is almost perfectly and neatly divided into two, with the focus on the income side of the financial fence for the first half before shifting to the other side. To begin with, there is a chance to pause as Saturn spends his final days on his own in your income sector before leaving on 8th March, not to return for another three decades. Saturn can be a hard taskmaster and since his return in 2020 you may have faced challenges or you may have had to really work for what you deserve. Yet as a result you have built resilience and the kind of discipline and structure that can give you the power to move mountains if you have to. Saturn has been on his own since early last year but that is about to change and in a way that could get the year off to a lucrative start.

Saturn is literally the father of time and if it takes years to achieve something then that is what it takes. Venus couldn't be more different and as the planet of money moves through from 3rd January to 27th January her aim will be to make these some of the most lucrative weeks of 2023, using the laws of attraction to benefit from the hard slog that Saturn has required. This is Venus' last encounter with Saturn here for another three decades so she will be working to make it count. Also encountering Saturn for the last time here for another three decades will be the Sun when he moves through, putting the solar spotlight on your income situation, matters and options from 20th January to 19th February and Mercury, when he moves through from 12th February to 3rd March. Leaving just five days before Saturn on 8th March, Mercury will ensure you have the smart head for money needed to make these final weeks count.

It is then that your income sector will be empty for the first time since 2020 but not for long with Pluto, the planet of change and revolution returning for his first visit in our lifetime on 24th March. Pluto is only here until 11th June, before returning next year to fully invest in a journey that will run through to 2044. Where Saturn was about structure, Pluto returns to paint outside the square and to capitalise on what has already been invested. Pluto will retrograde back in just after the first planetary activity on the other side of the financial fence begins with Mars' return to your financial sector on 21st May and Venus on 6th June. While this will overlap for a few days and in that time they will clash, this will fire up Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit just as Venus returns to begin her longest visit to your financial sector in our lifetime, which will run through until 9th October. This is going to give your financial situation and money matters a serious boost.

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View the Capricorn Forecast for 2023: Money
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