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Dec 22 - Jan 19

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Capricorn Weekly horoscope for Jun 17 to Jun 23, 2024

This is a busy week in the heavens, but while including the Sun there will be three planetary shifts, they are all in the same direction. However, while in one case while this won't bring anything to an end it will open up something brand new. Not coming to an end is Venus and Mercury's departure from your work sector on Monday and the Sun's on Friday, something that in most years will bring all planetary activity on the job front for the year to an end. Instead, you are not only still in the early weeks of Jupiter's 12 month quest for job growth and expansion, but it is not until Mars joins him in your work sector next month that you will have a chance to exploit the full potential. However, with Jupiter playing a long game the urgency will dial back. Meanwhile, something new is Venus and Mercury's return to your relationship sector beginning the first planetary activity on the relationship front this year. With Saturn and Neptune in your communication sector, there will be support from the communication gods from the start.

Love & Romance

Just as Mars' return to your romantic sector just over a week ago has given matters of the heart an additional boost, it is your relationships that are set to finally have their turn. Mars is in your romantic sector for six weeks and with Jupiter having just wrapped up his 12 month visit two weeks earlier and Venus, the planet of love having already moved through, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos is just warming up. Meanwhile, there has been no planetary activity in your relationship sector since July 2023, but that is set to change when within the space of just a few hours first Venus and then Mercury, the planet of communication return to your relationship sector on Monday. This will be a chance to put heart and mind on the same page and get the communication lines open ahead of the Sun's return on Friday, something that will always turn the solar spotlight onto your relationships on the June solstice each year.

Business & Career

When Jupiter returned to your work sector last month to begin your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade, the Sun and Venus were in their early weeks here, while Mercury returned a few days later with a chance to get your head in the game and think on your feet. While all three are only passing through, with Jupiter here until June 2025, they have been key to getting this new journey off to the right start and in dealing with more immediate work and job matters. With Venus and Mercury leaving on Monday and the Sun on Friday, this is bringing this initial phase to an end, with a chance to first squeeze as much out of the working week as possible before Jupiter ends the week on his own. Yet while this is when the focus shifts from the launch to the journey, with Mars returning next month there is still a lot more to discover and exploit but with a chance to first let this initial phase play out.


While having the Moon not only leave your career sector on Monday but in between Venus and Mercury's departure from your work sector is going to get the new working week off to a good start, this is also good news financially. The Moon, Venus and Mercury will be so tightly intertwined as they line up to leave that this is going to put heart, mind and gut on the same page and with a clear sense of professional perspective. However, Venus is not only the planet of money, but the Moon is separating from a friendly aspect to Pluto in your income sector over the weekend that has given the final days of her mission to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction a better sense of where the money is. This allows you to move into the new working week with insight across the income, work and career fronts and into the forces that will stay on long after the Moon, Venus and Mercury leave.


While the Sun won't leave your health sector until Friday, something that on the June solstice will always shift the solar spotlight off your health needs, situation and matters, Venus and Mercury will both leave on Monday. This is something that in most years would end all planetary activity on the health front and last year it did. However, you not only have Jupiter staying on, but Mars will return next month for his first visit in two years. Whatever health journey you are on not only has luck on its side but will continue for another year. While the Sun is working to leave you aware, Venus is working to leave you motivated and Mercury informed.

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