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Dec 22 - Jan 19

Capricorn Forecast for 2019

For you, 2019 is a crossover year. A crossover between the past, present and future, that is. Saturn returned to Capricorn in December 2017 and having spent the whole of 2018 here, will also spend the whole of 2019 here, not leaving until December 2020. Yet Jupiter's return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart in November, also means that you have reached the last full year of a 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion, with one major cycle still in its early years and another in its final year. It is on 3rd December that Jupiter will return to Capricorn and with Pluto here from 2008 to 2024, this will begin your most powerful year in a lifetime. For you, 2020 is the year that everything until now has been leading up to and everything from then will lead on from.

In 2019 you are still preparing, with a chance to first bring your current 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion home. This means there will be time during the year when you need time out to hear yourself think. Yet Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, so when you do spend time navel gazing this is likely to have fortunate ramifications, with your imagination and mind inspired. The year begins, as it always does, with the Sun in Capricorn, with your new solar and calendar years always starting at the same time. A solar eclipse on 6th January will give you a chance to commit to this new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. The reason for that solar eclipse is that you have the South Node in Capricorn and therefore the North Node in your relationship sector.

As well as determining where the eclipses will fall this year, with a total solar eclipse in your relationship sector on 3rd July and a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on 17th July, the lunar nodes will also police a balance between your personal and relationship needs. The North Node promises major new beginnings on the relationship front this year, with the six weeks leading up to a solar eclipse on 3rd July and the four weeks after, especially auspicious. Fortunately, there is support from the communication gods from the get go and throughout the year. For while this is an important relationship year, there is also a need to remain true to yourself. This is also an important year for home and family matters, especially in the first two months of the year and then to a slightly lesser degree for the next few months. Matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative also get a boost in February and March, one they will retain all year.

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View the Capricorn Forecast for 2019
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