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Dec 22 - Jan 19

Capricorn Forecast for 2019: Work & Business

The professional gods have dialled up the near perfect professional year for you. This puts you right in the Goldilocks zone, where there is not too much and not too little, with the professional gods getting the mix just right. There are advantages to having planetary activity in either one of your two professional houses all year, ensuring you have at least one professional god on the field at all time. But it means that there is no respite. With Mars visiting both your work and career sectors this year, this means that when either is active it is likely to be busy, driven and potentially successful. Yet there will be periods in between where things are able to simply play out. You will get your first taste of this when Mars returns to your work sector on 31st March.

It is just 10 days earlier that the first of two Full Moons in your career sector will fall on 21st March, which I see as the professional gods' first shot across the bow. With Venus having just wrapped up all planetary activity on the career front for 2018 in December, you need these early months to let things settle. The Full Moon on 21st March is a wakeup call from the professional gods, alerting you to the fact that things are getting ready to wake up. By the time the Moon comes full circle and creates a second Full Moon on 19th April, Mars will have been in your work sector for nearly three weeks and there will be a second chance to capture what you didn't during the first Full Moon.

Mars will leave your work sector on 16th May, ending what could be some of the busiest six weeks of the year. However, with the Sun and Mercury returning on 21st May, they will return just days later to continue what he started. Held back by a retrograde phase last year, Venus won't move through until 9th June to 4th July, extending the reach of job potential out to the middle of the year. This creates a fairly short break before things start up on the career front. Again, where Mars kicks things off on the job front two months before they normally would, he is later returning to your career sector. Mercury's return on 14th September makes him the first planet on the scene this year. This smart and intellectually savvy planet is here until 3rd October. The Sun and Venus will both move through during that time, with Mars returning on 4th October to take over. Where Mars gets things started on the job front this year, he will bring things home on the career front, not leaving until 19th November.

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View the Capricorn Forecast for 2019: Work & Business
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