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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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Libra Forecast for 2023: Love & Romance

From the very beginning, regardless of what the Sun and the faster planets are up to, this is a major year on both the romantic and relationship fronts, with some of the most powerful planets in the solar system either already involved or about to make their exit or entry. Just starting the year with Saturn in your romantic sector and Jupiter in your relationship sector is putting the two most powerful planets in the solar system front and centre. While Jupiter only returned late last year and is still in his early days in your relationship sector as you move into 2023, he had already spent five months here before retrograding back out last year. Jupiter has returned armed with everything needed to bring relationship growth until leaving on 17th May, though it is in February that things will really take off.

While Jupiter has just returned to your relationship sector, Saturn is preparing to leave your romantic sector on 8th March, ending a journey that began in 2020. Saturn can be a tough and demanding planet, but he has given you the ability to take your power back when it comes to matters of the heart. Helping to smooth out any of Saturn's sharp edges will be Venus, with the planet of love returning to your romantic sector from 3rd January to 27th January. Venus will be working to get the year off to a romantically charged start and meeting up with Saturn here for the last time for another three decades, she will be drawing on the power he can give you to move mountains if you have to. With the Sun here from 20th January to 19th February and Mercury from 12th February to 3rd March, this will help to make Saturn's final months here count.

However, while Saturn's departure on 8th March will leave your romantic sector empty for the first time since 2020, not for long with Pluto, the planet of change and revolution returning for the first time in our lifetime just a few weeks later on 24th March. While Saturn is all about staying strong and inflexible, liking to stay between the lines, Pluto is a rulebreaker and will be encouraging you to have fun with what you have learned over recent years. By then things will be heating up on the relationship front, with Venus' return on 20th February bringing the planets of love and luck together in your relationship sector for the first time in over a decade. Venus is only here until 17th March, but she will be followed by the Sun and Mercury, who from 19th March to 20th April will give you everything needed to make Jupiter's time here count, before he too leaves on 17th May.

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View the Libra Forecast for 2023: Love & Romance
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