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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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Libra Weekly horoscope for Mar 20 to Mar 26, 2023

March was always going to be a month of massive change, but this is the week that will not only witness the most change but will see things settle after that. By the end of the week only three planets in the whole solar system will be where they began the month and the final four shifts all take place this week, with two having just taken place over the weekend. One of those shifts is the more ordinary shift in where the solar spotlight is directed as the Sun leaves your work sector and returns to your relationship sector on Tuesday, something that happens at this time each year. The difference is that the Sun leaves behind planets that have newly returned to your work sector and are just warming up, while Mars' return to your career sector over the weekend is going to take this professional year to new heights. The Sun also returns to find real momentum on the relationship front, which Wednesday's New Moon will give the green light to.

Love & Romance

The Moon will have an impact on both the romantic and relationship fronts this week and in both cases with perfect timing. The Moon has just left your romantic sector as you move into the new week, but the impact from these romantically charged lunar vibes will be far reaching. For the first time since 2020, the Moon returned to find Saturn gone and without the hard taskmaster of the cosmos setting rules and boundaries. This has been a chance for a reset ahead of Pluto's return on Friday, with the planet of change and revolution's first visit in our lifetime offering a chance to change things up. Meanwhile, on the heels of Mercury's return to your relationship sector over the weekend and the Sun's return on Tuesday, the Moon will not only return on Wednesday but as the first of two New Moons. The Sun will always return to your relationship sector on the March equinox, with the solar spotlight falling on your relationships just as the new astronomical year begins. A New Moon turns this into an opportunity for a fresh start.

Business & Career

The Moon has just returned to your work sector as we move into the new working week and the timing couldn't be better. Partly because this will get the new working week off to a good start but mainly because this will ensure you are emotionally and intuitively engaged as you reach a pivotal turning point on the job front. The Moon will be here when the Sun leaves on Tuesday, taking the solar spotlight off your work situation and job matters but also as Neptune and Saturn, here for the next three years take the wheel. This will ensure you are emotionally engaged and aware as the dynamics of this professional year are changing and not just because it is while the Moon is here that the focus on work and job matters shifts from the short to the long term. It is later in the week that Mars' return to your career sector over the weekend will see the warrior planet of the cosmos not only return to fire up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit but to make up for lost time after being held back for months.


While the Moon returns to your financial sector every four weeks and the Sun once a year and always on the March equinox, to have both return in the space of 24 hours is going to have both short and long term implications. The Sun's return on Tuesday is something that will always turn the solar spotlight onto your financial situation and money matters at this time each year, but thanks to Venus' departure late last week and Mercury's return over the weekend your expectations are banked and you have your head in the game from the start. For the first time in 12 years, the Sun returns to find that Jupiter is not only here but in the final two months of a 12 month quest for financial growth and expansion, giving this a lot more light. It is the Moon's return that will not only create a New Moon but will begin a new lunar cycle right at the start of the new astronomical year, creating a lot of forward momentum and a chance for a fresh start.


As you move into the new week the Moon hasn't just returned to your health sector but during the Sun's last full day here and while the solar spotlight is still on your health needs, situation and matters. The Moon will stay on after the Sun leaves and until leaving on Wednesday, will not only give you a better read on what your body is telling you but on the changing cosmic influences. Included with this is your first feel for Saturn's return and the greater call for personal responsibility this has brought. Where the Sun leaves you with a realistic starting point, Saturn will spend the next three years helping you to take your power back.

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