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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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Libra Forecast for 2024: Work & Business

While it is business as usual on the job front his year and there will be no planetary activity in your career sector until Venus and Mercury return on 17th June, there is every reason for confidence on both fronts. There is rarely any planetary activity on the job front until the Sun returns on the June solstice each year, but with Mars having made his first visit in two years in 2023, you have plenty of gas in your tank and enough insight to keep work and job matters on track by yourself. A Full Moon in your work sector at the end of December 2023 has also helped with that. Instead, this is a chance to put more focus on career matters, which doesn't require getting down in the weeds as much as work and job matters do.

On the career front it is about the path that you are on, the goals you are setting and as the most competitively charged part of your chart, a time when you are able to channel your competitive spirit into making forward progress. Saturn has been in your career sector since March 2023 and Neptune since 2012 and while one is the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and the other is the planet of dreams, together they are giving you the resolve to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes in order to turn professional dreams into reality. However, as they are playing a long game it is when the faster planets move through that there is going to be the most progress and things will become more active. This year this begins with the Sun's return on 19th February, but while he is only here for a month, Mercury is here from 23rd February to 10th March, Venus from 12th March to 5th April and Mars from 23rd March to 1st May.

These will be the most active months of the year on the career front and with Saturn and Neptune spending the majority of the second half of the year in retrograde motion, this is when they will take a backseat as things fire up on the job front in the middle months of the year. This will start with Venus and Mercury's return to your work sector on 17th June, with heart and mind coming together to kick off the first planetary activity on the job front for the year. This will be a relatively short chapter with Mercury leaving on 3rd July, Venus on 12th July and the Sun here from 21st June to 22nd July. From Mercury and Venus' return on 17th June to the Sun's departure on 22nd July is a period of just five weeks. However, missing is Mars, who is with this faster pack when they move through your career sector earlier in the year. Instead, Mars will have his own chapter, where he has a chance to fire things up on the job front from 5th September to 4th November.

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View the Libra Forecast for 2024: Work & Business
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