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Jul 23 - Aug 22

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Leo Forecast for 2022: Love & Romance

The year gets off to a good start with Mars, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos in your romantic sector from 13th December 2021 to 25th January 2022. Mars returned while the Sun was still in your romantic sector, keeping what began in 2021 going into the New Year. With the South Node leaving your romantic sector on 19th January after 20 months here, this puts a lot of focus on matters of the heart in the early weeks of the year but also with some urgency. The South Node and Mars won't just leave within days of each other but this will end all planetary activity on the romantic front until Venus, the planet of love returns on 16th November.

The more you can invest into matters of the heart in the early weeks of the year the more the Moon can recapture and nurture this it returns every four weeks. One of the most important of those visits will be the one that creates a romantically charged Full Moon on 14th June, halfway between the Sun's last visit and the next. It is Venus' return on 16th November that will begin the next round of planetary activity on the romantic front, which will run through to 22nd December. Meanwhile, while planetary activity on the romantic front is contained to the early weeks and then the final months of the year, planetary activity on the relationship front will continue all year thanks to Saturn.

It was in the closing days of 2021 that Jupiter left your relationship sector, leaving Saturn behind on his own and not due to leave until next year, he will keep the focus on your relationships and will continue the journey. For the majority of the year, Saturn will be on his own but your relationships will get a serious boost in the early months of the year. It begins with Mercury's return on 2nd January, with a retrograde turn on 15th January taking him back out just days later, only to return for a second visit from 15th February to 10th March. The timing is significant because this means the planet of communication will still be here when Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion both return on 6th March. Once Venus leaves on 6th April and Mars on 15th April, Saturn can keep the momentum going.

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View the Leo Forecast for 2022: Love & Romance
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