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Jul 23 - Aug 22

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Leo Forecast for 2023

This year is a complete smorgasbord for you, with a bit of everything in just the right amounts to make this an exciting and vibrant year but also where there is the right amount of balance. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion will begin the year in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, where he had returned last year but had to put on hold when he retrograded back out. As we move into 2023 Jupiter has only been back for 11 days and rather than take up from where he left off, this is a complete do over, with a chance for a fresh start and for a reset. Until leaving on 17th May Jupiter will be working to expand your world, before returning to your career sector where he will spend the next 12 months. This is the start of your biggest year for professional growth and expansion in over a decade, running from 17th May 2023 to 26th May 2024.

Whether it is having Jupiter in an adventurous part of your chart or his return to your career sector, this coincides with when the faster planets will move through, allowing you to make the most of the adventurous start that the year gets off to and then embracing the professional shift. This is not the only big change on the professional front with Pluto, who has been in your work sector since 2008 leaving on 24th March. This is not goodbye, with the planet of change and revolution retrograding back in on 11th June, just a few weeks after Jupiter's return to your career sector. This will be more a chance to tie up loose ends, before leaving again next January. Because the Sun will always spend the last 10 days and the first three weeks of every year in your work sector and Mercury won't leave until 11th February, job and career matters will get off to a good start.

Jupiter and Pluto aren't the only planets on the move this year, with Saturn wrapping up a visit to your relationship sector that began in 2020 and beginning a three year visit to your financial sector on 8th March. Saturn is the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and while this will see you end a nearly three year relationship boot camp only to begin a three year financial boot camp, this will be empowering for both. As you graduate from a relationship boot camp it is with a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you and the benefits will continue for months if not years to come. At the same time, with Jupiter having just left your financial sector late last year, Saturn will join dreamy Neptune with the structure and discipline needed to start turning financial dreams into reality. Meanwhile, the icing on this year's cake will be Venus' extended visit to Leo, with a retrograde phase keeping the planet of love, money, desire and attraction in your sign from 6th June to 9th October, her longest visit in our lifetime.

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View the Leo Forecast for 2023
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