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Jul 23 - Aug 22

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Leo Forecast for 2021: Work & Business

While the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of January in your work sector and you will always need to begin every year with your work hat on from the get go, it is without the heavy demands you left behind in 2020. It was just before Christmas that both Jupiter and Saturn left your work sector, where along with Pluto they created one of the most intense years ever seen on the job front. Saturn had been there since December 2017 and Jupiter since December 2019, coming together to demand much but also to offer much in return. Whatever the challenges you faced, mountains you had to climb or inner strength that you had to find are now the foundations for accessing all the potential that Jupiter has created.

However, with Jupiter and Saturn gone the building phase is over and if work and job matters were a house, the construction phase is over and you can now start living in it. Of course, with Pluto in your work sector until 2024 and the faster moving planets already returning at the end of each year and then spilling into the early weeks of the next year, things will continue to evolve. Venus, who didn't visit your work sector at all in 2020 will not only visit twice in 2021 but will spend an extraordinary amount of time here. With Venus returning after Jupiter and Saturn have moved through and as she is always on a mission to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction, this suggests that the best is still to come.

Mercury will leave your work sector on 9th January and the Sun on 20th January, with Venus returning on 9th January and leaving on 2nd February. Venus' timing is perfect for it is on 7th January that held back by his retrograde phase last year, Mars will finally return to your career sector, where he will fire things up until leaving on 4th March. Together, Venus and Mars will be responsible for not only getting the year off to a good start on the job and career fronts but for pushing the 'reset' button, making this professional year distinctly different from 2020. Meanwhile, the faster moving planets will move through your career sector from 15th April to 12th May, continuing what Mars began. However, it is at the other end of the year that there are exciting developments, with Venus returning to your work sector on 6th November but then not leaving until March 2022.

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View the Leo Forecast for 2021: Work & Business
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