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May 21 - Jun 20

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Gemini Forecast for 2024: Work & Business

On the one hand, it is business as usual and on both the job and career fronts a continuation of last year. However, on the other hand, this means that things aren't going to change or shift out from under you, while at the same time, this gives you a chance to build on from what was achieved or began last year. While there is no planetary activity in your work sector as you move into the New Year, as Venus only left on 30th December 2023 you are still tying up loose ends and after months of planetary activity that included Mars' first visit in two years, there is more than enough momentum and traction to keep things going for months. Apart from a Full Moon on 24th April there will be no more planetary activity in your work sector until the Sun and Venus return on 23rd September, but you begin the year with your tanks full.

In the meantime, with Saturn in your career sector since March 2023 you have a feel for his influence and with he and Neptune still in their early months in direct motion and having stood back in order to let work and job matters go first, they are a solid and stable team. While Saturn and Neptune won't leave until early 2025, they will both leave for a few months next year before returning to tie up loose ends, making this their only year where they will be here all year, working as a team to give you the resolve to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes in order to turn professional dreams into reality. However, Saturn and Neptune are playing a long game and it is when the faster planets move through that there will be movement on the career front.

With Mars making his first visit in two years and his only visit while Saturn is here, when they meet up from 23rd March to 1st May it will be the first time in three decades that Mars' drive to make things happen will join forces with the power to move mountains if you have to that Saturn can give you. The Sun is in your career sector from 19th February to 20th March, Mercury from 23rd February to 10th March and Venus from 12th March to 5th April, but it is when Mars and Saturn come together that a real career breakthrough is possible. After the faster moving planets have moved through Saturn and Neptune will keep a steady hand on the wheel and will be supported by the parade of planets that will move through your work sector from 23rd September to 22nd November. These will be the most active months of the year on the job front.

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View the Gemini Forecast for 2024: Work & Business
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