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Mar 21 - Apr 19

Aries Forecast for 2019: Money

First impressions suggest it is once again all about money matters, but that is not the case. After two years where the main focus has been on money matters as a whole, the balance of power is shifting. Despite first impressions, this is a big and potentially game changing year on the income front. Held back by her retrograde phase, Venus is still in your financial sector as you move into the New Year, finally wrapping up her second visit of 2018 on 8th January. This will bring all planetary activity on the financial front to a close and apart from a Full Moon on 19th May, it will stay that way until October. Even then, what begins with Mercury's return to your financial sector on 3rd October is more an ordinary annual update.

However, Mars will return to your financial sector on 19th November and then remain here until early 2020, suggesting a chance to take a more aggressive approach to money matters in the final two months of the year. Yet in terms of where the balance of power sits this year, it is on the income front, though even after Venus leaves your financial sector on 8th January there won't be too much evidence of that. Yet this gives you a chance to focus more on getting your new professional year up to speed, with the help of a solar eclipse on the career front in the New Year. The first sign of movement on the income front will come with Mars' return to your income sector on 15th February. This in itself is not a game changer, though until leaving on 31st March, the warrior planet of the cosmos will give you the motivation to fight for what you deserve.

It is what happens while Mars is here that is the game changer. What happens is Uranus' return on 6th March. After testing the water for six months last year, Uranus returns to begin a journey through your income sector that won't run its course until 2026. This turns what begins as a fairly ordinary push and the start of this year's most potentially lucrative months, into the start of a major new journey towards income growth that will continue for the next seven years. There is a lot of support during those early months, with a lot of planetary activity on the income front from Mars' return on 15th February to Venus' departure on 9th June. The first six and the final four weeks of that period have the potential to be the most lucrative.

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View the Aries Forecast for 2019: Money
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