Daily Horoscope: Current Planet Positions

Current Planet Positions

June 21, 2024 at 5:51:19 PM Coordinated Universal Time

Sun ☉


00° 49'  46"
Moon ☽


26° 56'  48"
Mercury ☿


09° 19'  16"
Venus ♀


05° 29'  48"
Mars ♂


09° 14'  43"
Jupiter ♃


06° 10'  32"
Saturn ♄


19° 22'  26"
Uranus ♅


25° 16'  45"
Neptune ♆


29° 54'  03"
Pluto ♇


01° 34'  17" R


  • Sun Conjunct Venus 4°
  • Mercury Conjunct Venus 3°
  • Sun Opposite Moon 3°
  • Jupiter Trine Pluto 4°
  • Sun Square Neptune 0°
  • Moon Square Neptune 2°
  • Venus Square Neptune 5°
  • Mercury Sextile Mars 0°
  • Venus Sextile Mars 3°
  • Saturn Sextile Uranus 5°
  • Uranus Sextile Neptune 4°
  • Neptune Sextile Pluto 1°


Sun in Cancer
During the period when the Sun is in Cancer, home and family hold significant sway. It's probable that feelings of love and attachment between relatives will intensify, and connections within the familial unit will strengthen. This is an opportune moment to upgrade the living conditions to ensure comfort and safety for all. Additionally, there may be an enhanced sense of empathy and kindness towards those outside of the family circle. As such, some individuals may opt to take this period to withdraw from the outside world to renew their physical and spiritual well-being.


Moon in Sagittarius
During this time, an inner warmth within many people will radiate and impact those around them. Optimism will be a prevailing force. Challenges in life will be approached with eagerness and embraced.

Moon Quincunx Uranus
Currently, there may be a strong desire for taking risks and seeking adventure. Atypical encounters may hold great allure.

Moon Square Neptune
Some individuals may be motivated to take action, while others may retreat into their inner world, as a result of their acute sensitivity to the suffering of others.

Moon Semi-Sextile Pluto
Often concealed, intense emotions may burst forth and demand to be expressed to the world.


Mercury in Cancer
It's probable that choices will be influenced by emotions instead of reason. The advancement can be hindered by a wistful perspective. The apprehension of being criticized may cause communication problems when sharing personal opinions and emotions.

Mercury Conjunct Venus
The arts are often capable of stirring emotions in many individuals. Moreover, those same individuals are likely to possess a stronger sense of creativity.

Mercury Sextile Mars
It is probable that discussions and critical reasoning will occur. Some individuals may express themselves with such candor that their remarks could be deemed inappropriate or insulting by those who hear them.

Mercury Semi-Sextile Jupiter
Becoming fixated on discovering the core of objects can be an obsession. The urge and capacity to communicate thoughts is potent.


Venus in Cancer
Expressing love for one's partner, both physically and spiritually, can serve as a powerful driving force. This desire to please may even become so all-encompassing that it extends to almost anyone.

Venus Sextile Mars
There may be a strong desire to openly express one's emotions. However, the reactions to such vulnerability may not always be favorable.

Venus Semi-Sextile Jupiter
Do not become entangled in mundane problems. Having a positive outlook towards the future can facilitate triumph. Certain opportunities may appear exceptionally alluring.

Venus Square Neptune
Idealists often have a burning passion, but it's important to avoid overestimating reality.

Venus Quincunx Pluto
The impact of Romanticism is expected to be more potent than usual. A large number of individuals will undoubtedly feel an irresistible pull towards the enigmatic.


Mars in Taurus
Profitable rewards are attainable presently. Aim for uncomplicated and direct approaches in reaching triumph. Persistence will yield positive outcomes. Obstacles may arise during the pursuit of objectives, but must not weaken one's motivation.

Mars Semi-Sextile Jupiter
It is possible to achieve success in every field. The levels of energy and optimism must be considerably high.


Jupiter in Gemini
There is a possibility to create unexpected associations among incompatible entities. The desire for intellectual and bodily activation could be heightened beyond average. A few individuals may encounter challenges keeping their concentration devoted to a single objective.

Jupiter Trine Pluto
High expectations can fuel one's pursuits, while pushing to achieve one's aspirations can dictate one's actions.


Saturn in Pisces
One's behavior may be influenced by a sense of something missing in their life, which could be related to spiritual matters that may become prominent during this time.

Saturn Sextile Uranus
Conventional routes to achievement can be disregarded. Utilizing absolute integrity and a focused drive towards success are impactful resources presently.


Uranus in Taurus
There will be a presence of enlightened thinking and a motivation to improve the daily lives of all due to this influence. Additionally, a noticeable warm-hearted, romantic, and highly sensual essence will be present.

Uranus Sextile Neptune
There could be a significant desire to satisfy one's creative nature, which could be influenced by personal imaginings when deciding on a direction to take.


Neptune in Pisces
Currently, there are powerful forces of gentleness, creativity, and the quest for spiritual enlightenment. A great number of individuals may feel drawn towards esoteric beliefs and non-traditional religions.

Neptune Sextile Pluto
There might be a strong urge for self-awareness and exploration of the spiritual aspects of life.


Pluto in Aquarius
The keys to achieving success involve working together and collaborating as a team. It's highly probable that societal problems will be tackled, leading to an overall enhancement of human welfare.

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