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Oct 23 - Nov 21

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Scorpio Forecast for 2023

While they won't all be in play at the same time Jupiter, Mars and Venus will all contribute to making this not only the most powerful professional year in over a decade but encompassing both job and career matters. The year begins with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in your work sector and while he has only been here for 11 days by the time you move into this new professional year, he had already spent five months here before retrograding back out seven weeks earlier. Your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade actually began last May and while it might have appeared that things got off to a false start this allowed you to plant seeds and lay down tracks for when he returned, with the planet of luck and expansion having returned with a mandate and knowing what to focus on from the start.

Jupiter is here until 17th May, with Venus' return on 20th February the point when the faster planets will return to get things up to speed, something that will end with the Sun's departure on 20th April. It is while the Sun is here that there will be two New Moons, the second on 20th April not only a solar eclipse but just weeks before Jupiter is due to leave. Meanwhile, it is just days after Jupiter leaves on 17th May that Mars will return to your career sector on 21st May, with the warrior planet of the cosmos timing his first visit in two years to perfection. However, the real game changer will be what happens while Mars is here, with Venus returning on 6th June to begin her longest visit to your career sector in our lifetime, with a retrograde turn keeping her here until 9th October. This will not only give things a massive boost on the career front through the middle months of the year but will keep the momentum that Jupiter has created on the job front going.

Meanwhile, by then Jupiter will have moved on and on 17th May will return to your relationship sector, where he will spend the next 12 months and with perfect timing. Jupiter returns to begin your most important relationship year in over a decade just as Pluto is beginning to transition out of your communication sector, where he has been since 2008. Pluto will leave on 24th March but will retrograde back in on 11th June, just a few weeks after Jupiter's return to your relationship sector, with the two then working hand in hand for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, Saturn is also on the move, leaving your home and family sector on 8th March where he has been since 2020. This may have been a challenging few years but with a chance to enjoy the benefits once Saturn is gone with Pluto, your ruling planet returning to change things up on 24th March. Meanwhile, Saturn will return to your romantic and creative sector on 8th March, a much easier place for him to be and where he will stay for the next three years.

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View the Scorpio Forecast for 2023
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