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Nov 22 - Dec 21

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Sagittarius Forecast for 2021: Work & Business

To start with it is business as usual on both sides of the professional fence, with no planetary activity on the career front and Uranus still in retrograde motion in your work sector. This has been the case since the last planet left your career sector in October and with the Sun not due to return until later in the year or to your work sector until April, there is no reason to expect anything to change. However, while Uranus is slowing to a crawl ahead of his direct turn in your work sector on 14th January, something that will normally be the first sign that things are waking up on the job front, there will already have been a seismic shift by then. It happens a week before with Mars, the warrior planet of the cosmos' return to your work sector on 7th January.

This is when the assumption that this year will be a case of business as usual or a continuation of the final months of 2020 will be shattered. It has been two years since Mars' last visit to your work sector and from the get go he will be hungry to fire things up. It was in June 2020 that Mars returned to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, where he will usually spend six weeks before returning to your busy work sector. Instead, a retrograde turn kept Mars here for the second half of the year and delayed his return to your work sector by over six months. Held back but returning just a week into the new professional year and just seven days before Uranus' direct turn here, Mars returns with perfect timing.

Once here, Mars won't leave your work sector until 4th March and during that time will fuel your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit, as well as working to create as much traction and momentum on the job front. This is on top of the annual planetary activity on the job front when the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through, which this year will run from 15th April to 21st May. While Mars will be gone by then, he will have spent nearly two months firing things up while Uranus will keep the engine running until the faster planets return. This makes the whole first five months of 2021 an extraordinary time for work and job matters. It is in the second half of the year that career matters will get their turn, this time with Mars returning with the faster planets. What they did on the job front in the first five months of the year the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury will do on the career front from 22nd July to 23rd September.

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View the Sagittarius Forecast for 2021: Work & Business
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