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Nov 22 - Dec 21

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Sagittarius horoscope for June 2023

While there is a lot of variety this month, there are two main camps that are not so much competing for your attention but make a balance between work and play mandatory. In the one camp, you have an exciting month across the income, work and career fronts and especially as the month progresses. This is Jupiter's first full month in your work sector and he is still getting his sea legs as you embark on your biggest 12 months for job growth and expansion in over a decade. With the dwarf planet Ceres in your career sector until 21st June and Pluto retrograding back into your income sector on 11th June, this comes with a better understanding of your professional needs and priorities and income potential.

Yet even though Jupiter left a playful and creative part of your chart last month, the playful, creative and adventurous side of life's fence is not only holding its own but is rivalling anything that the professional gods can do. With Mars spending the whole of June in an adventurous part of your chart and in harmony with the planets still in a playful and creative part, this was always going to guard against life becoming all work and no play. However, what will level the playing field even more is Venus' return for what should be a 24 day visit on 6th June. This will see Venus' desire for adventure kick in just as Mars' passion for adventure will provide the motivation to turn desires into reality.

While Venus is normally only here for 24 days, a retrograde turn next month will keep her here until October and while Mars will leave next month, she will not only stay on but will be joined by the Sun. Until then, as is always the case at this time of year, with the Sun in your relationship sector until 22nd June the solar spotlight is on your relationships before shifting onto your financial situation and money matters. It is Mercury who will overlap this, with a chance to keep the communication lines open as he moves through your relationship sector from 11th June to 27th June, before returning to your financial sector with a smart head for money and a chance to start tying up loose ends.

Love & Romance

Because the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of June in your relationship sector, the solar spotlight is always on your relationships at this time of year, but rarely with so much water having already passed under the bridge. You not only began the year with Mars in your relationship sector, but he had been here since last August and didn't leave until March, making this his longest visit in eight decades. By the time he eventually left you had a good sense of what you were fighting for. It was just a few weeks later that Venus, the planet of love returned and while she had left by the time the Sun returned, not before leaving you with a better sense of what you want from your relationships and with a new starting point.

This year you also have the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships making her first visit in four years, but with your relationship sector empty by the end of the month. Even Mercury, the planet of communication who will finally return on 11th June will be gone by the end of the month, with his departure on 27th June ending all planetary activity on the relationship front for the year. Both the Sun and Juno will leave on 22nd June, leaving you with something to commit to.

This will be especially so when the Moon moves through from 16th June to 18th June and the New Moon this will create in its final hours. while Mercury will stay on for another five days to ensure the communication lines are open. Meanwhile, there is something exciting happening on the romantic front with Venus, the planet of love returning to an adventurous part of your chart on 6th June for what should be a 24 day mission to bring the spirit of romance and adventure together but instead not leaving until October. It is a day after Venus returns that the Moon will not only move through your romantic sector from 12th June to 14th June but for its first visit since Jupiter left last month.

Business & Career

When the Sun left your work sector on 21st May he took the solar spotlight off your work situation and job matters, as he does at this time each year. However, this has not seen anything drop back or move into a gear that is more about keeping the momentum going, which is usually the case. It is Uranus that is charged with keeping the wheels turning and things moving in an authentic direction, but as he is here until 2026, it will take him seven years to slowly cover the same ground the Sun has just taken a month to cross. Each year when the Sun leaves, he hands the reins to Uranus, who will slowly but surely keep things on track.

The difference this year is that it wasn't Uranus that the Sun handed the reins to but Jupiter, with the planet of luck and expansion having returned for the first time in 11 years just four days earlier. This is Jupiter's first full month in your work sector, with this biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade just starting from where the Sun has left off. Helping with the transition from the Sun's more immediate focus on work and job matters and Jupiter's new 12 month journey is Mercury, who two months after returning for what is normally a 14 to 15 day visit is still here. It was a retrograde phase that has kept Mercury here and until leaving on 11th June, he is giving you the intellectually savvy and articulate edge needed to work smarter, keep your head in the game and to think on your feet.

This is an advantage when it comes to tying up the loose ends of this annual update and to navigate your way through the early weeks of this major new journey. The Moon will make its first visit since Jupiter's return from 14th June to 16th June, giving you an intuitive read on work and job matters but with Mercury gone, a chance to lock in your next steps. Meanwhile, it is 10 days later that the dwarf planet Ceres will leave your career sector on 21st June, ending her deep dive into your professional needs and priorities ahead of Mars' return next month. The Moon will return on 23rd June to 26th June, returning just a few days later to tie up the loose ends from Ceres' time here and as you prepare for Mars' return.


There is a mix of the expected and the unexpected this month and that includes on both sides of the financial fence. The expected is that the Sun will return to your financial sector on 22nd June, turning the solar spotlight onto your financial situation and money matters as it does at the same time each year. What is not expected is the amount of water that has already passed under the bridge by then. It was last month that Mars left your financial sector, ending a two month mission to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit as he encouraged you to fight to take your financial power back. Venus, the planet of money was not only here when Mars left, but she is still here when you move into the new month.

As the planets of money and war had spent several weeks together, Venus has been able to hold onto Mars' warrior spirit and this is adding a lot more layers to her annual mission to fuel your financial confidence, update your financial desires and expectations and work to turn those desires into reality. Venus will leave on 6th June so will be long gone by the time the Sun returns on 22nd June, but this allows you to focus on the 'what' rather than the when, where and how but gives her desires and expectations time to settle and take hold before they are diluted by reality checks. It is when the Sun not only returns on 22nd June but the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment as well that things will get real.

Mercury, the last planet to return to your financial sector this year will return on 27th June with the smart head for money needed to start tying up loose ends. Meanwhile, on the other side of the financial fence while your income sector is empty and has been since Pluto left in March that is about to change, with the planet of change and revolution retrograding back in on 11th June. Pluto is back for the rest of the year before leaving again in January, with a chance to go back over old ground. What makes the timing auspicious is that Pluto will open the doors to the past, second chances and untapped income potential just as Jupiter has brought you to the first full month of your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade.


While the Sun left your health sector last month, taking the solar spotlight off your health needs, situation and matters, the focus is still here thanks to Jupiter's return. It was just as the annual month long focus on your health ended that Jupiter returned to begin his 12 month visit, something that will see this giant planet expand your physical resources while giving you everything needed to take your power back. Meanwhile, until he leaves on 11th June Mercury will be focused on communication, information and knowledge gathering. The Moon will return just a few days later, with its return from 14th June to 16th June giving you a read on what your body is telling you, but as the first visit since Jupiter's return also of his influence.

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