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Feb 19 - Mar 20

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Pisces Forecast for 2023: Work & Business

On face value, this is not only a typical professional year but with no continuous planetary activity in either of your two professional houses a fairly low key year. However, drill down and you will find that this is anything but low key, with two factors not only setting the year apart but in a way that is going to give both job and career matters a massive boost without having this hanging over you all year. There are two separate points in the year when job and career matters will be active, allowing you to focus on each in turn while there are two factors that will give this professional year the X factor. Those two factors are Mars and Venus, not only the two most charismatic planets in the solar system but planets that can not only make things happen but make them happen now. What makes this year significant is that Mars will be visiting both your work and career sectors for the first time in two years and Venus will turn retrograde this year.

Apart from a Full Moon on the job front on 6th February, there is no planetary activity on the work and job front other than the Moon's monthly visits. However, that will change when Mars returns to your work sector on 21st May to begin his first visit in two years and what can be the busiest weeks of any year. Until leaving on 11th July Mars will fire up your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit while creating the drive to make things happen. It is while Mars is here that Venus will return on 6th June for what is normally a 24 day visit, when as the planet of money, desire and attraction she will fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction.

Instead, a retrograde turn will keep Venus here until 9th October, for what will be her longest visit to your work sector in our lifetime. Mercury will move through from 11th July to 29th July and the Sun from 23rd July to 23rd August, but this is all about what Mars begins and what Venus will keep going for four incredible months. This is not what you would normally expect on the job front. Meanwhile, it is just over a month after Venus finally leaves your work sector on 9th October that Mercury will become the first planet to reach your career sector this year, returning on 10th November to begin what will be a period of continuous planetary activity that will run through to 23rd January 2024. In that time the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury will move through, ending this professional year and starting the next on a high.

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View the Pisces Forecast for 2023: Work & Business
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