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Feb 19 - Mar 20

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Pisces Weekly horoscope for Apr 22 to Apr 28, 2024

It was over the weekend that the Moon, making its monthly visit to your relationship sector clashed with all three planets in Pisces and the timing couldn't be better. This may have put a balance between your personal and relationship needs to the test, but on both sides, the timing couldn't be better. The Moon left on Sunday, but as well as ensuring you are emotionally engaged as the asteroid Juno turns direct here on Monday, it was here when the Sun returned to your communication sector and as Jupiter and Uranus aligned there. Whatever buttons this might have pushed, you have some powerful communication support just as there is a chance to turn a corner. Meanwhile, it was a clash with Mars, just as the warrior planet of the cosmos was getting ready to move into his last full week in Pisces that has left you with your passions, drive, warrior and competitive spirit fuelled and a better sense of where to channel this.

Love & Romance

Thanks to the Moon's departure from your relationship sector over the weekend, you not only begin the week feeling more emotionally engaged from the start but as the tide turns. It is on Monday and while you are still unpacking the information and insight the Moon delivered as it moved through that the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships will turn direct in your relationship sector. This comes just as the Sun is moving into his first week in your communication sector and as an alignment between Jupiter and Uranus here is separating, providing a huge amount of communication support just as the tide turns. This will become more tangible when on Friday and leading into the weekend the Sun moves into a friendly aspect to Juno, just days after her direct turn shifts your focus away from the past. By coincidence, it is when they come together that Mercury, the planet of communication will turn direct.

Business & Career

Seven days separate the Moon's departure from your work sector last Friday and its return to your career sector this Friday. As well as giving you time to unpack and process the information from one before starting the next, this is giving you a jump on work and job matters from the start, while doing the same next week when it comes to a broader career focus. In both cases, while these are ordinary monthly visits and with no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses these are key to staying connected and on track, this is having a positive impact on the income front. When the Moon moved through your work sector last week it formed a friendly aspect to the Sun and all four planets in your income sector. The Moon will do the same when it moves through from Friday to Sunday, this time with the Sun gone from your income sector but with Mercury back in direct motion, Venus leaving next Monday and Mars returning less than 48 hours later.


The Sun's departure from your income sector over the weekend may have taken the solar spotlight off your income situation and matters, but this is far from the end of the story, with the most lucrative months of the year still in front of you. However, with Mercury still in retrograde motion and Mars not returning to begin the real fight for what you deserve until next week, there is a chance to pause as you regroup and as the focus shifts to Venus and the planet of money's mission to make her last week here as lucrative as possible. Starting the week with the Moon in your financial sector might cause you to pause and especially as it will clash with all four planets in your income sector as it moves through. The Moon will be gone by Wednesday, but as well as fuelling your financial instincts and imagination and giving you a read on money matters, this will be a timely reminder of the importance of having the right balance between money coming in and money going out.


While the Moon has moved on, as it not only moved through your health sector last week but right in the heart of the working week and when your physical resources were most likely to be under strain, this leaves you with a chance for an empowered start to the new week. Since the Moon left, you have had time over the weekend to unpack and process the messages or any wakeup calls this delivered, while giving you a chance to put some of them into practice before the new working week begins. With no planetary activity in your health sector, these monthly visits couldn't be more important.

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