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Jun 21 - Jul 22

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Cancer Forecast for 2023

The three planets that are not only set to make this a massive year professionally but also a potentially lucrative year are Jupiter, Mars and Venus, the most charismatic planets in the solar system but also planets that can get things done. All three will never be in the same place at the same time but they are all linked and it begins with starting the year with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in your career sector. While Jupiter has only been here for 11 days as you move into 2023, he not only returned last year but spent five months before retrograding back out. While Jupiter didn't get far and spent half of his time here last year in retrograde motion, this gave you a chance to plant seeds, lay down tracks and set things in motion that you can return to. You even had a chance to return to the drawing board.

When Jupiter returned late last year it wasn't to take up from where he left off but for a complete do over and until leaving on 17th May he is determined to make 2023 the biggest year for professional growth and expansion in over a decade. In that time Jupiter will have a lot of support and especially when Venus returns from 20th February to 17th March. This will put the planet of desire and attraction on the same page as the planet of luck and expansion, something that can attract opportunities while giving you a better sense of what you want professionally. Venus will have been and gone by the time the Sun returns and this will have major implications just a few months later. It is while the Sun is here, from 21st March to 20th April that there will be not one but two New Moons, the first an ordinary New Moon on 22nd March and then a second one, this time a solar eclipse on 20th April.

This will bring the elements of fate and luck together, just as the planet of luck and expansion is moving into his final and most important weeks in your career sector before his departure on 17th May will bring this to a close. There will be more than enough momentum to keep the rest of this professional year on track, but it is just days later that this could start to bear fruit financially. Enter our second player Mars, who will return to your income sector for the first time in two years on 21st May. Mars is here from 21st May to 11th July but while these can be lucrative weeks, especially with Jupiter having just moved through your career sector, it is the third player that will steal the show. Venus, the planet of money will return to your income sector on 6th June to begin what can be the most lucrative 24 days of any year, except instead of leaving a retrograde turn will keep her here until 9th October. If anyone can exploit the income potential from Jupiter's time here, Venus can. Meanwhile, Jupiter is moving on to expand your social life and your focus on friendship, teamwork and networking while Saturn will end the financial boot camp he began in 2020 on 8th March.

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