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Jun 21 - Jul 22

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Cancer Forecast for 2023: Work & Business

As you move into this new professional year while Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion has only been here for 11 days, this is something that you have spent months preparing for. Jupiter first returned to your career sector in May 2022 to begin what should have been the start of your biggest year for professional growth and expansion in over a decade and while that is still the case, he is taking a roundabout route and it is only now that you will start to see evidence of this. It was less than two months after returning that Jupiter turned retrograde, something that not only saw him retrograde back out last October but before he got too far. You may not have made progress last year but what you have done is plant seeds, lay tracks and explore your options, ready for Jupiter's return. This is where things stand as you move into 2023, with Jupiter not only taking off from where he left off but starting over again, this time with everything prepared and ready to go.

Jupiter will rush through in less than five months and he will be burning rubber throughout that time, with no stops and no detours until leaving on 17th May. It was 12 months earlier that Jupiter returned to begin your biggest year for professional growth and expansion in over a decade, but everything is being packed into these final months and it comes with a lot of support. The first planet to reach Jupiter will be Venus, who will move through from 20th February to 12th March, bringing the planet of desire and attraction together with the planet of luck and expansion to create what could be some of the best weeks of this professional year. The Sun will keep the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options from 21st March to 20 April and Mercury will make it easier to keep your head in the game when he moves through from 19th March to 20th April.

What will give Jupiter's final months an additional boost is having not one but two New Moons. The first, on 22nd March, is an ordinary New Moon and will always be a good time for new beginnings, but the second on 20th April is a solar eclipse, something that can bring the elements of fate and luck together. With Jupiter leaving on 17th May this will give these final weeks a boost. It is once Jupiter is gone that the dwarf planet Eris, the warrior princess of the cosmos will quietly keep the wheels turning, after a thrust that will not only benefit the rest of this professional year but for years to come. Meanwhile, while there is continuous planetary activity on the career front all year, from Mercury's return to your work sector on 10th November to Venus' departure on 23rd January 2024 you will have a parade of planets firing things up on the job front including Mars, who from 24th November to 5th January 2024 will make his first visit to your work sector in two years, ending this professional year and beginning the next on a high note.

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View the Cancer Forecast for 2023: Work & Business
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