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Jun 21 - Jul 22

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Cancer Forecast for 2024: Work & Business

While the Sun will always leave your busy work sector just before Christmas each year, there is often some spillover into the New Year, with the tail end of Venus or Mercury's visit often still playing out in early January. However, not to the degree that you have this year, for you begin the year with Venus, Mercury, Mars and the dwarf planet Ceres all in your work sector and all playing a different role in getting this new professional year off to a busy but powerful start. Mercury had left your work sector in December, but a retrograde turn saw him return and until leaving on 14th January this allows you to begin the year with your head in the game from the start. Mars, who returned in November for his first visit in two years will leave on 5th January and not due to return again until late 2025, he is on a mission to get things moving.

Venus, who didn't return to your work sector until 30th December 2023 will keep working to attract opportunities until leaving on 23rd January, while the dwarf planet Ceres' last deep dive into your needs and priorities on the job front for another four years is here until 8th February. What began in November 2023 has a long reach into 2024 and as every planet moving through will form a friendly aspect to the North Node and the dwarf planet Eris, the warrior princess of the cosmos in your career sector before leaving, this gets this whole professional year off to a good start. This will leave your work sector empty but with Venus returning on 18th October, Mercury on 3rd November and the Sun on 22nd November and with the last not leaving until 8th January 2025, this will make the early and latter months of the year the most important on the job front.

While Mars won't return to your work sector until later next year, he will be with the other planets when they start returning to your career sector, just over a month before the last planet leaves your work sector on 8th February. The first of the faster planets to reach your career sector will be Mercury, who will return on 10th March for what should be a 14 to 15 day visit. Instead, a retrograde turn will keep Mercury here until 16th May, during which time the Sun and Venus will move through, with both benefiting from his intellectually savvy edge. Mars will return on 1st May and as he won't leave until 9th June, he will keep the momentum going. Meanwhile, having the North Node here will turn an ordinary New Moon on 9th April into a total solar eclipse, with the promise of major new beginnings.

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View the Cancer Forecast for 2024: Work & Business
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