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Jan 20 - Feb 18

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Aquarius horoscope for June 2023

One of the last big shifts of the year takes place this month, surrounded by other significant shifts that are helping to set the scene for the second half of the year, where things will be a lot more stable. Once we get past 11th June all of the major and outer planets will be in the position that they will remain in for the rest of the year, with only the faster planets changing focus, which is something that they will always do throughout the year. After Jupiter's departure from your communication sector and return to your home and family sector last month, the only outer planet still to get into position is Pluto, who less than three months after returning to Aquarius in March will retrograde back out on 11th June.

For the planet of change and revolution this was only ever meant to be an exploratory visit, with a chance to explore areas where there could or should be change before returning in January to spend the next 20 years in Aquarius. In retrograde, Pluto is travelling across ground already covered, making this a chance to look to the future by looking to the past. The faster planets will continue to move in the heavens as they always do, but when Pluto retrogrades back out of Aquarius on 11th June the outer planets will resume their normal stable position, which has not been the case since a major reshuffle began in March.

Meanwhile, the first of the more typical annual shifts takes place on 6th June, when Venus leaves your work sector and joins Mars in your relationship sector. This will see Venus clash with Pluto, in the same way that Mars did when he returned last month, but with an eye to using this to better understand what you want from your relationships and what they need from you as she begins what is destined to become the planet of love's longest visit to your relationship sector in our lifetime. Meanwhile, as he always does the Sun will spend the first three weeks of June in a playful and creative part of your chart before returning to your busy work sector on 22nd June and in time to capitalise on the South Node's last full month in your career sector and the ongoing support of Saturn and Neptune in your income sector.

Love & Romance

While with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of June in your romantic sector this is an important point in any year for matters of the heart, it is not until later next month that there is usually any focus on your relationships. However, this time you have both and in their own way above and beyond what you would normally expect. While the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of June in your romantic sector, by the time he returned last month Venus, the planet of love had moved through while Mars had spent an incredible seven months here, from August 2022 to March 2023. The solar spotlight might be on matters of the heart but also on the journey they have taken you on.

Held back by a retrograde phase Mercury, the planet of communication will finally return on 11th June, with a chance to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. Mercury is not only the last planet to return to your romantic sector this year he will be the last to leave, with his departure on 27th June ending all planetary activity on the romantic front for the year. This ends a journey that Mars began last August but with a lot of water still to pass under the bridge, including the Moon's return from 16th June to 18th June and a New Moon in its final hours.

Meanwhile, what is not expected is planetary activity on the relationship front and especially not from the start. Instead, the month not only begins with Mars in your relationship sector but he will be joined by Venus, the planet of love on 6th June. This is not only early in the year to find Venus here, but a retrograde turn next month will keep her here until October, making this the start of her longest visit to your relationship sector in our lifetime. This makes a clash with Pluto in Aquarius when she returns a chance to start this aware of a balance between your personal and relationship needs. The Moon will make its first visit since Venus' return and the last before Mars leaves from 21st June to 23rd June.

Business & Career

It is a given that the Sun's return to your work sector on 22nd June will turn the solar spotlight onto your work situation and job matters at this time each year. What is not a given is how much water has passed under the bridge by then or how much further along you are. The Sun's return can be the first sign of any planetary activity on the job front for the year but instead, it is almost time to bring things home by then. You can thanks Venus and Mars for that and what this has helped to generate across the income, work and career fronts. It began when Mars not only returned to your work sector in March but to begin his first visit in two years just days after Saturn's return to your income sector.

This saw them move straight into a friendly aspect and into a partnership that remained strong for the two months that he was here and went on to include a friendly aspect to the South Node in your career sector, with the eclipsing Full Moon there last month energising things across the income, work and career fronts. This is something that Venus did when she returned to your work sector last month and while Mars has left, she is here until 6th June. With the Sun not returning until 22nd June, this will leave things empty but not for the whole 16 days. The Moon will return from 18th June to 21st June, with a chance to check in and to ensure you are emotionally engaged when the Sun returns on 22nd June.

Mercury will be the last planet to return to your work sector this year, with his return on 27th June signalling the point where over three months after Mars returned it is time to start tying up loose ends. With the South Node and its constant connection to the past and all the information it holds in its last full month in your career sector and Saturn turning retrograde in your income sector on 18th June, after some busy and hectic months things are dialling back across the income, work and career fronts. However, not before creating something that you can continue to benefit from for the rest of the year.


There are changes on both sides of the financial fence this month, but not the kind that will introduce anything new and instead will see things settle down and ease back. While only a dwarf planet and definitely outweighed by the sheer weight of Saturn and Neptune in your income sector, Ceres has been maintaining an important presence on the other side of the financial fence. Ceres had returned to your financial sector last October and what was her first deep dive into your financial needs and priorities in four years ended just before Christmas. However, three months later Ceres retrograded back in but back in direct motion is about to leave again, this time not returning for another four years.

Ceres won't leave until 21st June and with Mars returning to fire things up on the financial front next month, this gives you time to first wrap up a mission to update and define your financial needs and priorities that began last October. The Moon has already made its last visit before Ceres leaves, but its return from 23rd June to 26th June will be a chance to tie up loose ends after she's gone. This will also be the Moon's last visit before Mars returns and while Ceres was less focused on the money and more on your financial needs and priorities, he will be focused on the money. Meanwhile, on the income side of the financial fence there is change but one that allows you to regroup and move into review mode.

By the time you move into the new month Saturn and Neptune, who have been receiving a huge amount of support from activity on the job and career fronts are both slowing down as they prepare to turn retrograde. While Neptune won't turn retrograde until early next month, Saturn will turn retrograde on 18th June, with both staying in retrograde motion for the next five months. This will be a chance to retrace your steps and with both here until 2026, takes away any urgency. The Moon will make its last visit before both turn retrograde from 9th June to 12th June, something that can always sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger.


This is a month where the stars are focused on your health in the early and latter part of the month but with not only a gap between the two but a change in focus. The month begins with Venus in your health sector but in the final days of fuelling a desire to look and feel good before leaving on 6th June. This will leave your health sector empty, but with time to let those desires settle, take form and by the time the Sun returns on 22nd June, turn into motivation. This is the point in each year that the solar spotlight will shift onto your health needs, situation and matters, but in a way that is more about having your eyes open and head out of the sand. It is the Moon's return from 18th June to 21st June that will give you an early read on this and on what your body is telling you, before coming full circle as a New Moon next month.

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