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Jan 20 - Feb 18

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Aquarius Forecast for 2023

In a year where there is not only a lot of change with some of the most powerful planets in the solar system on the move, this will have major implications for you more than other signs and in a way that could impact your life for years to come in an exciting and positive way. You have had Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and one of your two ruling planets in Aquarius since 2020, bringing you to the start of a new three decade long Saturn cycle. It can feel like Saturn and therefore life itself has been tough on you at times, but at the start of a major new life cycle, he wasn't about to let you cut corners. Saturn is a planet that demands discipline but also turns everything into a learning experience. If there have been challenges over recent years you cannot so much blame as thank Saturn, for by the time he leaves on 8th March you will have spent nearly three years taking your power back.

While Saturn will move on and will return to your income sector where he will spend the next three years giving you the power to push through glass ceilings, roadblocks and barriers, whether real or imagined, he will still be in Aquarius as you move into your birthday month and new solar year on 19th January, getting this off to a powerful start. As is always the case, the faster planets will move through Aquarius in the early months of the year, starting with Venus' return on 3rd January, something that will give your heart a voice as you move into Saturn's final months. However, while Saturn's departure on 8th March will leave you with no planets in Aquarius for the first time since 2020 that won't be the case for long with Pluto, the planet of change and revolution returning just a few weeks later to begin his first visit to your sign in our lifetime on 24th March.

Pluto will retrograde back out again on 11th June, but he will return in January, with his return in March more the beginning of a journey towards change and evolution that will span the next 21 years, right through to 2044. What Saturn has laid down the foundations for Pluto will build on from. The other major planet on the move is Jupiter, who will spend until 17th May getting the year off to an expansive start on the communication front and for making big plans or ideas. Jupiter expands what he touches and your communication sector is all about communication and all things intellectual. It is then that Jupiter will join Uranus in your home and family sector to begin an expansive 12 months for home, family and/or property matters. However, those months spent getting the communication lines open will soon prove their worth with Venus, the planet of love in your relationship sector from 6th June to 9th October, her longest visit in our lifetime.

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View the Aquarius Forecast for 2023
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