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Oct 23 - Nov 21

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Scorpio Forecast for 2022: Love & Romance

While Jupiter won't spend the whole year in your romantic sector, he will spend enough time here to make this a lucky year for love and an important year for matters of the heart in general. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion had spent two and a half months in your romantic sector in the middle part of 2021 but only really stood in the doorway before retrograding back out. From his return on 29th December 2021 to his departure on 11th May, Jupiter will move right through your romantic sector from beginning to end, before retrograding back in for curtain call from 28th October to 21st December. What makes the timing of this double dip visit is that Venus, the planet of love will be in Scorpio from 23rd October to 16th November.

This is putting Jupiter and Neptune, the planets of love and dreams in your romantic sector at the same time, with their alignment in April their only one here in our lifetime, making this a massive year for matters of the heart by any measure. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all move through your romantic sector from 19th January to 24th May, providing Jupiter and Neptune wraparound support. While the Sun's visit from 19th January to 21st March and Mercury's from 10th March to 27th March will be important, it is when Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion are here that things will really get exciting.

Venus will move through your romantic sector from 6th April to 3rd May, Mars from 15th April to 24th May and with Jupiter leaving on 11th May this will be these most romantically charged weeks of this already romantically charged year. Meanwhile, this is also a big year for your relationships, with the North Node returning to your relationship sector from 19th January 2022, where it will stay until July 2023. This means that as well as a constant presence and the policing of a balance between your personal and relationship needs this is where the eclipses will fall, starting with a solar eclipse on 1st May and then a total lunar eclipse on 9th November. The former is in the heart of the most active months of the year on the relationship front, which will run from Mercury's return on 11th April to Mars' departure on 20th August.

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View the Scorpio Forecast for 2022: Love & Romance
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