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Feb 19 - Mar 20

Pisces Forecast for 2019: Money

For the last eight years, the money gods haven't had an even balance between income and money matters, with the balance of power more on income matters. It began with Uranus' return to your income sector in 2010 and while there are periods in any year that are more active for income and money matters, he has been there to ensure income matters never completely go off the boil. However, Uranus is leaving on 6th March and not due to return for another eight decades, this will allow for a more even balance between money coming in and money going out. There will still be a slight favouring of income matters, partly because of the momentum gained, but not enough to create conflict between the two. However, you are not at that point yet, with the money gods putting everything they can to not only make Uranus' final months in your income sector count, but to exploit his legacy.

The push begins on New Year's Day and the timing couldn't be better. Uranus won't turn direct until 7th January, so even in the final days of 2018, there was no sign of just how fast things would turn around. It is Mars' return to your income sector on New Year's Day that fires everything up, with your passions and fighting spirit kicking in from day one. With lucky Jupiter in your career sector for the majority of the year and a total lunar eclipse on the job front on 21st January, Mars is here to capitalise on an extraordinary start to an extraordinary professional year. In terms of timing, Mars couldn't have got the timing any better. With Mars leaving on 15th February, Uranus on 6th March and the Sun not returning until 21st March, there will be a lull before things then pick up again.

The period from 21st March to 15th May will see the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through, all working to capitalise on the fevered start the year begins with. Yet from 15th May income matters will settle right back. This means that when money matters get their turn there won't be the push back they have received over the last eight years. There will be a chance to focus on your financial situation and money matters from 14th September to 19th November. What Mars does for income matters in the first six weeks of the year he will do for money matters from 4th October to 19th November. As Mars fuels your financial passions and fighting spirit, this will be a chance to take your financial power back.

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View the Pisces Forecast for 2019: Money
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