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Feb 19 - Mar 20

Pisces Forecast for 2019: Work & Business

With lucky Jupiter in your career sector until 3rd December, this was never going to be an ordinary professional year, with active periods and then time in between when not a lot is happening. Of course, even if that was the case, just because the professional gods aren't active doesn't mean things go off the boil. In an ordinary year, the planets move through, stir things up, get things moving and then leave you to take it from there. Because Jupiter is in your career sector for the majority of the year he will be at your side, making this the most potentially expansive and opportune year for professional growth in over a decade.

To start with things are still fairly quiet and while Jupiter has been here since early November, you are yet to really feel the full implications. However you can expect things to start moving in the early days of the year and not just here, but across the income, work and career fronts. It begins with Mars' return to your income sector on New Year's Day, with the warrior planet of the cosmos delighted to find lucky Jupiter in your career sector. On a mission to get the year off to a lucrative staff, Mars will work with Jupiter from the get go. Held back by a retrograde phase last year, Venus will finally return to your career sector on 8th January, just three days after Mercury leaves. As the planet of money, Venus will be delighted to find both Mars and Jupiter engaged, helping her in her mission to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction.

If that isn't enough to get this professional year moving, a total lunar eclipse on the job front on 21st January should do the trick. With Venus and Jupiter in your career sector and Mars and Uranus in your income sector, this has the potential to be a catalyst for unexpected developments across the income, work and career fronts. Venus will leave your career sector on 4th February, but Jupiter will continue to keep the wheels turning all year. Things may settle down after that, not to experience another surge until midyear. Between 27th June and 23rd August the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all move through your work sector, creating the busiest and the most opportune months of 2019 on the job front. It is on 2nd November that the Sun, Mercury and Venus will begin arriving back in your career sector, ready to support Jupiter in his final weeks, before he leaves on 3rd December. Mercury will even stay on until 29th December in order to tie up the loose ends of what, by then should have been an extraordinary professional year.

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View the Pisces Forecast for 2019: Work & Business
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