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Feb 19 - Mar 20

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Pisces Forecast for 2024: Work & Business

While there is no major planetary activity on the job or career fronts that will keep things active all year, you are poised to get this new professional year off to a good start on both fronts. While there will be no planetary activity on the job front until Mercury returns to your work sector on 3rd July, as Venus only wrapped up her longest visit in our lifetime in October 2023 and as it was while she was there that Mars made his first visit in two years, there is still plenty of gas in your tank and more than enough momentum. With the planetary activity on the career front that in most years has run its course by the end of December still playing out, this is getting the year off to an empowered start on the career front. While this will have run its course by the end of February, to still have planetary activity in your career sector as you move into the New Year, let alone a month later is a huge advantage.

Especially as you not only move into the New Year with Venus and Mercury here, which is not that uncommon, but you also have Mars and the dwarf planet Ceres here as well. While Mars will leave on 5th January, as the warrior planet of the cosmos he will ensure your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit are fuelled from the start. Mercury is here until 14th January but Venus, who didn't return until 30th December 2023 will continue to fuel your professional confidence and attract opportunities until leaving on 23rd January. This will leave the dwarf planet Ceres, who will wrap up her last deep dive into your personal and professional networking for another four years on her own until 8th February. It is the heart of this that a Full Moon in your work sector on 26th January will give work and job matters an early boost.

Once Ceres leaves there will be no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses until Mercury returns on 3rd July. This will usher in what are normally the most active months of the year on the job front but instead, this is the first of two chapters. During this first chapter, which will run from 3rd July to 9th September the Sun, Mercury and Venus will all contribute to getting things moving on the job front. This will start and end with Mercury, who will return from 3rd July to 26th July, before returning to tie up loose ends from 15th August to 9th September. However, the most active and the busiest months of the year on the job front will be when Mars returns from 4th November 2024 to 6th January 2025.

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View the Pisces Forecast for 2024: Work & Business
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