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Jul 23 - Aug 22

Leo Forecast for 2019: Money

While there is always an uneven story at play on the income and financial fronts, because this is a now familiar story, this is one that both income and money matters benefit from. That familiar story has the focus on money matters 365 days of every year. With Neptune in your financial sector from 2012 to 2026, there isn't a moment of any year that the focus is not on your financial situation and money matters. Yet because of that, you are playing a long game, there isn't the urgency and it is something that ticks over in the background. This year Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasies comes into his own with Chiron, who has been here since 2010, finally leaving on 18th February. Chiron's interest is more in learning and on laying old financial ghosts and demons to rest.

Chiron's departure means that dreamy Neptune will be flying solo for the majority of this year and the majority of the next seven years. This will make it more about your financial dreams. This gets a boost from the get go, with Mars only just wrapping up a six week visit to your financial sector on New Year's Day. Mars might leave in the early hours of the year, but you begin the year with your financial passions and fighting spirit fuelled from the get go. There will be a lot of focus on money matters when the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through, which they will from 11th February to 21st April. This is the point in any year where money matters move from a big picture focus and back to the financial housekeeping that takes place at this time every year. While money matters are on a slow burn and you are playing a long game, on the income front what you have is a short burst of planetary activity and then nothing for the rest of the year.

This might appear to favour money over income matters, but a short period of intense focus on income matters creates lucrative pockets that are likely to deliver quick results. Here things are on a fast burn. You will get your first taste of this during a Full Moon in your income sector on 20th February. Falling halfway between the Sun's last visit and the next, this is often a catalyst for unexpected income developments that have been building behind the scenes. As the only trigger at this time of year, this is something the money gods will seize on. What will be a real advantage is that Venus, the planet of money is in your work sector from 4th February to 2nd March. If anyone knows how to capitalise on a potentially lucrative Full Moon, Venus does. After that, there is no more focus on income matters until Mars returns to shatter some glass ceilings from 18th August. This kicks off the most lucrative months of 2019, which run from 18th August to 4th November. The most lucrative periods within that period will be the first six weeks when Venus and Mars, the planets of money and war come together.

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View the Leo Forecast for 2019: Money
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