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Jul 23 - Aug 22

Leo Forecast for 2019: Work & Business

To begin with, 2019 is doing a good job of disguising itself as an ordinary professional year and even as a fairly low key and quiet year. However for you, 'ordinary' means that with Saturn and Pluto in your work sector, the wheels are always turning and there is always a need to show up. Ordinary also means that you will begin the year with the Sun in your work sector, as will always be the case. This year you have the South Node on board as well and while for now, the impact has been minimal since its return in November, you're about to find out what a game changer this has been. It is because the South Node is here and will be until May 2020, that the New Moon on 6th January will be no ordinary New Moon, rather a solar eclipse. It also means that the Full Moon here midyear will be no ordinary Full Moon, but a lunar eclipse on 17th July.

This is going to give work and job matters a jump start in the first week of this new professional year and with Mercury returning a day earlier, on 5th January, you will have your head in the game, ready to manage and ride the momentum this will create and the potential for unexpected new beginnings. Both the Sun and Mercury will be gone by 24th January, but with Venus not returning until 4th February, it won't be until then that the real implications will be felt. Venus will move through from 4th February to 2nd March and it is on her watch that the disguise is really blown off this year, with any pretence of being an ordinary professional year gone. Yet everything that happens on the job front this year is preparation for lucky Jupiter's return on 3rd December. Joining up with Saturn and Pluto, this will kick off your most powerful and auspicious year on the job front in decades, if ever.

An explosion of career potential starts with Mars' return to your career sector on 15th February, just as Venus is exploiting your potential on the job front. This is Mars first visit in nearly two years, returning to fuel your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit and to fire things up on the career front. A Full Moon in your income sector on 20th February will create the full package, turning February into a stunning month across the income, work and career fronts. Yet on 6th March, just four days after Venus leaves your work sector and while Mars is still in your career sector, Uranus returns. Unlike the six months Uranus spend in your career sector last year, once he returns he is here until 2026. As Uranus reunites with Saturn and Pluto in your work sector it is game over, with the kind of forces never seen on the job and career fronts before now a near permanent fixture. The Sun, Venus and Mercury will all move through your career sector from 20th April to 9th June, lending their support to the powerful forces now in play. From this point on you will have continuous planetary activity in your career sector until 2026 and in your work sector until 2024.

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View the Leo Forecast for 2019: Work & Business
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