View the Leo Forecast for 2020: Work & Business


Leo Forecast for 2020: Work & Business

Just having Saturn in your work sector since December 2017 and Pluto since 2008 means that this was never going to be an ordinary year for work and job matters. Mainly because that hasn't been the case for several years now. However, everything until now and that includes as far back as Pluto's return in 2008 has been preparation for 2020, the year that everything until now has led up to and everything from now will lead on from. The game changer was Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion's return to your work sector in December 2019 and where he will stay until 20th December. When Pluto, planet of change and revolution returned to your work sector in 2008 it was during Jupiter's last visit, so he came full circle last month to find that what began then is still in motion and has continued to evolve.

Meanwhile Saturn, both the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and the planet that can give you the power to move mountains, has helped you to put in the hard work required in order to support the massive growth possible this year. This is the first time that Saturn and Jupiter have come together in your work sector in six decades but this is the first time in our lifetime that the planets of luck, change and the planet that can give you the power to move mountains have been here at the same time. While Saturn will leave on 22nd March, he will retrograde back in on 2nd July and will stay on until 17th December, leaving just three days before Jupiter. Saturn and Pluto will align in January, just as a solar eclipse on the job front on 11th January is giving work and job matters the green light, while Jupiter and Pluto will align three times over the course of the year.

Meanwhile, while you begin the year with the Sun and Mercury in your work sector, they will both be gone by 21st January. It is Mars' visit from 17th February to 13th March that is set to really fire things up on the job front. Meanwhile, while you have Uranus in your career sector all year, the most active months of the year for career matters as a whole will come when the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through, with Mars not visiting this year. This period begins with Venus' return to your career sector on 5th March and will end with the Sun's departure on 21st May. While it is work and job matters that will dominate this year and there is a crossover between Venus' return to your career sector on 5th March and Mars' departure from your work sector on 31st March, Uranus will provide a clear sense of professional direction all year.

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View the Leo Forecast for 2020: Work & Business
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