Daily Horoscope: Gemini - Tuesday, December 6, 2022


May 21 - Jun 20

Dec 6, 2022 Dec 7, 2022 Dec 8, 2022

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

This is a particularly ripe couple of days for finding a new partner or turning over a new leaf with an old partner. You may find a flood of emotional intensity coming your way and how you utilize it could largely shape the direction of the relationship. That means be particularly understanding and realize that though feelings may be overstated at this time and emotions run hot, the message underneath is sincere and needs to be taken seriously. Breakthroughs can occur now that you both might have kept a lid on otherwise, and you'll be glad you achieved the new closeness, even though you may not be able to keep it going at that level of intensity all month.

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What the planets say

In the last full day of his short visit to your relationship sector Mercury, the planet of communication was always going to be pushing to make communication a priority and to ensure the communication lines are open. The real importance of this won't be appreciated until after Mercury is gone when a Full Moon in two days puts a balance between your personal and relationship needs to the test. Even if it doesn't seem important or you don't feel you need to put the effort into ensuring the communication lines are open now, choose to go the extra mile.

Power Numbers: 6, 25, 40, 42, 59, 68

Friendly Signs: Taurus & Pisces

Beware of: Virgo

Colour of the day: Dark Cyan

Famous Birthdays: Evelyn Underhill, Lynn Fontanne, Ira Gershwin, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Dave Brubeck, Jobeth Williams, Cindi Wafstet

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Daily Horoscope: Gemini - Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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