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Aug 23 - Sept 22

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Virgo Weekly horoscope for Oct 18 to Oct 24, 2021

While the most obvious and more immediate impact from a major turnaround in the early part of the week will be felt on the income and job fronts and not just now but for weeks or not months to come, this also has wider implications. Even though the real turnaround begins with Jupiter's direct turn in your work sector on Monday, it was Saturn's direct turn a week earlier that released all but the final brake. Jupiter will release that final brake on Monday, just hours before Mercury's direct turn will do the same on the income front. It is also on Monday that the Moon will not only return to your financial sector but to begin the lead up to a Full Moon here on Wednesday. While the Moon will clash with not just the Sun but Mercury and Mars in your income sector and this might create some financial tension, with both sides energised this is more an opportunity for a breakthrough. More subtle are clues this week that matters of the heart and your relationships have support coming their way.

Love & Romance

Whether it is the Moon's departure from your relationship sector on Monday or its departure from your romantic sector four days earlier, they both share something in common. That something is a sense of anticipation and promise, with the Moon's intuitive edge picking up on changes that will have a significant impact in the not too distant future. On the romantic front, it was the Moon's first visit since Pluto's direct turn that not only made it clear that the tide has turned but picked up on Venus, the planet of love's approach. While Venus won't return until early next month, once here she won't leave until March 2022, with a sense of romantic anticipation set to grow. Meanwhile, a friendly aspect to dreamy Neptune before leaving on Monday may see the Moon inspire some wishful thinking. However, it comes on the same day that Jupiter's direct turn will see him begin his trek back to your relationships to honour a promise to turn dreams into reality.

Business & Career

Monday doesn't just bring you to the start of the new working week but to a major turning point in this professional year. As you move into the new week Saturn has been in direct motion in your work sector for a week but this slow and pedantic planet, which prefers to measure twice and cut once was never going to race to take advantage of this. That is not the case when Jupiter turns direct here on Monday, with the planet of luck and expansion ready to shake off a four month retrograde phase and move things forward. Saturn is in no hurry because he has until 2023 to help you take your power back while leaving in December, Jupiter only has until the end of the year to make things happen. Auspiciously, it is just hours after Jupiter's direct turn that Mercury will turn direct in your income sector, giving income potential the green light at the same time.


This is a big week on the income, job and financial fronts but it all begins on Monday. It begins with Jupiter's direct turn in your work sector just hours before Mercury's direct turn your income sector and while the brakes on both when the week begins, both will have the green light by Tuesday. With the Sun leaving your income sector over the weekend, Mars later next week and Mercury early next month, once the lights turn green on the income and job fronts there will be no slowing things down. Because the brakes are released on both fronts in the early hours of the new working week, will get things off to a good start. However, Monday will not only see the Moon return to your financial sector but begin the build up to a Full Moon that will not only see it clash with the Sun in your income sector but Mercury and Mars as well. This might create some financial tension but coming just as the brakes are released on the income and job fronts could be the jump start that both sides of the financial fence need.


Thanks to the Moon's departure from your health sector over the weekend you have a better read on what your body is telling you but also the cosmic influences it is under as you move into the new week. This will make it easier to sense the sea change underway or the impact from Jupiter's direct turn in your health sector on Monday. A week after Saturn's direct turn here, the most powerful planet in the solar system and the one with the strongest gravitational pull will shift the focus away from the past. This will also mark the return of your energy and motivation, to a point where it might feel like you are coming out of hibernation.

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