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Thursday, June 20, 2024

You find yourself right now being confronted by an unexpected challenge. Don't hang your head in despair — have trust in your abilities and talents. By acting carefully and patiently, you can easily negotiate your way round these seemingly impenetrable obstacles. Your talent for improvisation will come in most handy during this time of trial.

Snake Weekly Horoscope: Jun 17 to Jun 23, 2024

As you move into the second week of and towards the peak of the lucrative month of the Horse, you should be starting to feel its full influence. While the month of the Horse will peak on Saturday's Full Moon this will still have another two weeks to run, so is nowhere near having run its course. However, it is while the Moon is still in its waxing or growth phase that its full potency can be felt. While this is not just about the money, starting the week under a busy, industrious and work focused Dog Moon will help with that. At the same time, the Horse is working to boost your confidence and the laws of attraction across all the currencies in your life.

Snake Monthly Horoscope: June 2024

Knowing that the New Moon on 6th June will bring the month of the Snake to an end and with it the foundation month of a new personal 12 month lunar cycle, makes the early days of the month all about looking to the future while following your personal truth. It is while you are back in your native energy that this is also a chance to get back to your roots or to your own sense of purpose, just as there is an opportunity for a reset. Meanwhile, the New Moon that will bring the month of the Snake to a close will also usher in the lucrative month of the Horse. While for the Snake this can be a lucrative month, it is not just about the money, with the Horse working to enrich all the currencies in your life.

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Power Numbers: 15, 18, 20, 34, 44, 57

Friendly Signs: Rabbit & Rooster

Beware of: Goat

Colour of the day: Linen

Born Today: Kurt Schwitters, Lillian Hellman, Errol Flynn, Nicole Kidman, Chet Atkins, Audie Murphy, Olympia Dukakis, Anne Murray, Lionel Richie

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