Daily Horoscope: Aries - Monday, October 2, 2023


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Monday, October 2, 2023

This is a time when those around you can give you support and acknowledgement. You feel at peace with others due to open communication. The support you need is there, you may just have to ask for it, but taking no risks will result in nothing gained.

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What the planets say

The Moon's departure from Aries yesterday may have brought the Full Moon here two days ago to an end and with it a chance at the halfway point in your current solar year for a reset, this was just the starting point. With the North Node and the dwarf planet Eris, the warrior princess of the cosmos spending the whole of October aligned in Aries and Venus forming a friendly aspect to both today, this is giving you the confidence and the resolve to follow your heart and to use any wakeup calls over the last few days as a chance to take your power back.

Power Numbers: 2, 13, 38, 64, 65, 66

Friendly Signs: Virgo & Taurus

Beware of: Pisces

Colour of the day: Antique White

Famous Birthdays: Mahatma Gandhi,Sting, Rex Reed, Tiffany, Annie Leibovitz, Grouch Marx

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Daily Horoscope: Aries - Monday, October 2, 2023
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