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Apr 20 - May 20

Taurus Forecast for 2019: Love & Romance

What you have on both the romantic and relationship fronts this year, is a return to a more normal pattern. With Jupiter in your romantic sector from August 2015 to September 2016 and then in your relationship sector from October 2017 to November 2018, there has been a major focus on both romantic and relationship matters over the last three years. This year you only have the faster planets visiting both your romantic and relationship sectors and this allows you to carve out times of the year to devote to matters of the heart and then to your relationships. While Jupiter left your relationship sector in November, his influence isn't quite over, with Venus still here as you move into the New Year.

Held back by her retrograde phase and having returned in early December for a double dip visit, Venus was late leaving, something you will benefit from in the early days of this year. Venus will leave on 8th January, but not before giving your relationships a head start and a voice from the get go. After that things will go quiet on both the romantic and relationship fronts, as is the norm in the first half of any year. The next event of any significance is a Full Moon in your romantic sector on 20th February. This is a Lovers Moon and halfway between the Sun's last visit and the next, this romantically charged Full Moon can give romantic matters a much needed push.

It is just under two months later that Venus will reach Taurus, with the planet of love moving through from 15th May to 9th June. Returning just days before your birthday month and new solar year begins, Venus returns with a chance to update your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year. The most romantically charged months of the year will run from 18th August to 4th November. With Venus in your romantic sector from 21st August to 15th September and Mars from 18th August to 4th October, this will bring the planets of love and passion together with sizzling results. Your relationships will get their turn again from 3rd October through to 3rd January 2020. Venus, who begins the year in your relationship sector will return for a second visit from 9th October to 2nd November. Venus is in the heart of a parade of planets that make the final months of 2019 some of the best for relationship building.

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View the Taurus Forecast for 2019: Love & Romance
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