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May 21 - Jun 20

Gemini Forecast for 2019: Money

For years now, the balance of power has been on money matters, with long term planetary activity in your financial sector since Pluto returned in 2008 and only limited and intermittent focus on income matters. This became even more pronounced when Saturn returned to your financial sector in December 2017, beginning a three year financial boot camp that won't run its course until December 2020. Spending the whole of 2019 here, this was once again looking like the focus would once again be balanced towards your financial situation and money matters as a whole. While there are still some powerful forces in play on the financial front and a need to continue to take responsibility, the lunar nodes have returned to restore some balance.

While the South Node is in your financial sector from November 2018 to May 2020, the more powerful and dominant North Node is in your income sector throughout that time. This restores a lot of the balance, while the eclipses this will create are injecting a lot more energy into both income and money matters this year. It begins with a solar eclipse in your financial sector on 6th January, promising an empowered start to this financial year. To start with the focus will remain on your financial situation and money matters, as is always the case during the early months of any year. However, as the year gets off to a good start on the job and career fronts, having the North Node in your income sector will ensure that where things go professionally, the money will follow.

You will feel the full impact of the North Node's presence in your income sector when the first planets start arriving. While the Sun doesn't return to your income sector until the later days of June each year, Mars will kick things off much earlier, with his return on 16th May. This is the start of a particularly lucrative period that will run from Mars' return on 16th May to Mercury's departure on 12th August. There are pockets where the conditions will be particularly lucrative. The first is while Mars is here, from 16th May to 2nd July. A total lunar eclipse on 3rd July will see the North Node flex its full muscles, capitalising on everything that has been building since then. This could trigger some major and unexpected income developments in the early days of July. Another particularly lucrative period will run from 4th July to 28th July. This makes the six weeks leading up to the solar eclipse on 3rd July and the four weeks leading on from this, the most potentially lucrative. Yet in the final weeks of the year, everything changes again, with lucky Jupiter's return to your financial sector on 3rd December kicking off your most auspicious year for financial growth in over a decade.

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View the Gemini Forecast for 2019: Money
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