Daily Horoscope: Chinese Astrology: Horse - Friday, December 1, 2023


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Friday, December 1, 2023

If you decide to go ahead with your carefully devised plans and dreams, you won't have anyone to blame but yourself if things do not work out.Deep down you know this, but you may need to watch your tendency to 'pass the buck' if things get a little tough. Regardless of how bleak things may appear at times, tenacity and focus will win the day.

Horse Weekly Horoscope: Nov 27 to Dec 3, 2023

With Monday's Full Moon bringing you to both the halfway point and the peak of the busy, industrious and work focused month of the Pig, the week is likely to get off to a busy start. Whether at work or with whatever it is that keeps you busy and occupies your time, this is when the Pig's influence will be at its height. On the other side of Monday's Full Moon and as the Moon moves into its waning phase the urgency and that constant need to stay busy will drop off, though with another two weeks under the Pig's influence in order to get things done. Meanwhile, the week not only begins under a Full Moon but as a Horse Moon and halfway through the last month of the Horse and the next, this is a valuable chance for a personal check in.

Horse Monthly Horoscope: November 2023

The New Moon on 13th November will make this a month of two halves and in more ways than one. It is the nature of the two halves of the month that makes them such distinct chapters. As you move into the new month you have just moved into the second half of the playful and creative month of the Dog, which is doing more than just putting the focus on the fun, playful, romantic and creative side of life's fence. The Dog and the Horse are the best of friends, so life in general will flow more easily. This could be a bit of a rude awakening then, when the New Moon on 13th November ushers in the busy, industrious and work focused month of the Pig. In one fell swoop, the most playful month of any lunar year will make way for the busiest.

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Power Numbers: 1, 6, 17, 28, 42, 66

Friendly Signs: Rooster & Goat

Beware of: Ox

Colour of the day: Saddle Brown

Born Today: Mary Martin, Woody Allen, Lou Rawls, Richard Pryor, Bette Midler, Jeanne Allen

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