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Monday, April 22, 2024

The company of others does not make you feel less removed and alone now. Take this time to reflect on changes and think of what you truly value in your life.

Dog Weekly Horoscope: Apr 22 to Apr 28, 2024

For the Dog, the month of the Dragon can be one of the more challenging months of any lunar year, but also the most personally empowering. The Dragon and Dog are opposing signs, which means that by the time you reach the month of the Dragon each year, you are halfway between the last month of the Dog and the next and of your current personal 12 month lunar cycle. The Dragon holds a mirror to where things actually stand, revealing where you may have veered off course, forgotten the intentions made six months ago, where you aren't being true to yourself or where your needs aren't being met. You can blame the Dragon for the wakeup calls, but it comes with a chance for a reset.

Dog Monthly Horoscope: April 2024

Chances are, with the busy, industrious and work focused month of the Rabbit ending on an eclipsing Full Moon on 8th April, the first week of the month is likely to be the busiest. As the month of the Rabbit began four weeks after the Year of the Rabbit ended, this is more likely to have felt like a continuation of what a life that has been busy for as long as you can remember. However, when the month of the Rabbit ends there will be a chance to take your foot off the gas while benefiting from what you have accomplished or set in motion. This will usher in a period of re evaluation, as two months after the Year of the Dragon brought you to the halfway point in a personal 12 year lunar cycle, the month of the Dragon brings you to the halfway point in a 12 month cycle.

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Power Numbers: 4, 12, 18, 22, 41, 48

Friendly Signs: Horse & Snake

Beware of: Ox

Colour of the day: Light Salmon

Born Today: Immanuel Kant, Madame de Stael, Vladimir Lenin, Vladimir Nabokov, Charles Mingus, Jack Nicholson

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