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Dec 22 - Jan 19

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Capricorn horoscope for April 2024

Starting the month with Venus and Mars in your communication sector is not only getting things off to a good start when it comes to all aspects of communication, but it will stay that way. By the time Mars returned towards the end of last month the Sun and Mercury, the planet of communication had already moved through and Venus was still here, with her mission to give your heart a voice ending when she leaves on 5th April. However, by then Mars, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos will just be getting warmed up and not leaving until the early hours of May, his war on communication barriers will continue all month. There isn't an area of your life that won't benefit from this.

Meanwhile, this will see Venus join the Sun and Mercury in your home and family sector, adding to the focus that is always on things close to home at this time of year. Because the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of April here, the solar spotlight is always on home, family and/or property matters at this time of year. During her time here from 5th April to 29th April, Venus will make home where your heart is while Mercury, the planet of communication will not only spend the whole month here but will be in retrograde motion from 2nd April to 26th April. As well as making it easier to give the past and unsaid words a voice, this will be a chance to revise choices, decisions and plans.

Meanwhile, even before the Sun returns to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on 20th April and Venus on 29th April, with Jupiter in his last full month here, this is an area of your chart that is becoming a lot more empowered. Knowing that when he leaves next month, he will return to your busy work sector to begin your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade, Jupiter will be doing his best to ensure life doesn't become all work and no play too soon. As well as the Sun and Venus end the month here and therefore helping with that, there are other factors keeping the focus on the playful, creative and adventurous side of life's fence this month.

Love & Romance

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion has been in your romantic sector since last May and Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected since 2019, but it is not until this month that they will finally align and the timing couldn't be better. Because Uranus had been here for four years by the time Uranus returned and was already halfway through a seven year visit, he was well ahead when they both turned retrograde last September. It wasn't until Jupiter turned direct on New Year's Eve that he started to move forward and as Uranus didn't turn direct until the end of January and was stationary, this has helped to close the gap.

Since then that gap has continued to close until Jupiter finally catches up on 18th April. For the next six days Jupiter and Uranus, one the planet of luck and the other the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected will be side by side, making these some of the luckiest and serendipitous days for matters of the heart and all things romantic in decades. The last time that Jupiter and Uranus aligned in your romantic sector was in 1941 and it won't happen again until 2107, making this something to be seized. What makes this even more auspicious is that this happens during Jupiter's last full month in your romantic sector.

The Moon's return to your romantic sector from 9th April to 12th April will see these romantically charged lunar vibes align with both and as they will be just a few degrees apart by then, this will be a taste of things to come. However, it is while Jupiter and Uranus are aligned from 18th April to 22nd April that the Sun will return on 20th April, something that at this time each year will always turn the solar spotlight onto matters of the heart. It is just a few days later that Venus will return on 29th April, with the planets of love and luck joining forces to begin what will be the most romantically charged weeks of the year. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity on the relationship front, the Moon's visit to your relationship sector from 14th April to 16th April will be a valuable chance to check in.

Business & Career

In between an eclipsing Full Moon in your career sector late last month and major developments on the job front next month, as you move into the new month there is a chance to pause. By the time you move into the new month, it has only been seven days since having the South Node in your career sector turned an ordinary Full Moon in your career sector into a lunar eclipse and only five days since the Moon left. Not only will you still be unpacking a download of information, but it will take until the Moon comes full circle from 21st April to 24th April for what the lunar eclipse triggered to fully play out.

Unlike the Full Moon that will always fall in your career sector this time each year and always in the days leading up to Easter, when the Moon left this didn't leave it empty. With the South Node here for the rest of the year and a partnership with Pluto in your income sector set to strengthen, this can keep the momentum going. However, at the same time that there is a chance to take a hands off approach while what has been triggered by the eclipsing Full Moon plays out, there is also a growing sense of anticipation as well as a need for a wait and see approach on the job front. You might start to get a better read on this or at last start to get wind of what lies around the corner when the moon moves through your work sector from 12th April to 14th April.

While this is an ordinary monthly visit, one that can give you an intuitive read on work and job matters and act as a trigger, this will enhance your sixth sense and this is when major changes next month will just be starting to appear on your radar. What lies around the corner is an object so large that this is when your over the horizon radar will be picking up on Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion's approach. As the largest and most powerful planet in the solar system, it is Jupiter's return next month that will begin your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade, with both the Sun and Venus here by the time he returns on 26th May.


While the volume has been turned down and the urgency has dialled back on the income front, things are now locked into place as it becomes more about the journey. It was three weeks into 2024 that within the space of just a few hours first the Sun and then Pluto, the planet of change and transformation returned to your income sector. This is the point in each year when the Sun will always turn the solar spotlight onto your income situation, matters and options but for Pluto, apart from a short chance to check things out for a few months earlier last year, this was the start of a journey that won't see him eventually leave until 2044.

The Sun was only here for a month, but by the time he left, Mercury had returned with the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game and to think on your feet. By the time they both left Venus and Mars had returned, with the planets of money and passion able to provide the motivation and the means to use Pluto's call for change as a rally call to start fighting for what you deserve. This was Mars' first visit in two years and his first encounter with Pluto here in over 200 years. While Mars left late last month, with the planets of war and revolution having spent six weeks together, this has left you with the means and the motivation to keep fighting for what you deserve.

However, this left Pluto on his own and it will stay that way until Venus returns later in the year. Pluto will keep the wheels turning and the momentum going, but without the urgency, with what was a race becoming more about the journey. However, when the Moon returns from 3rd April to 5th April, as well as sharpening your nose for money this could act as a trigger for all the income potential that has been building over the last few months. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity on the other side of the financial fence, the Moon's visit to your financial sector from 16th April to 18th April will be a valuable chance to check in on money matters.


While there is still no planetary activity in your health sector, with the Sun, Venus and Jupiter all returning next month, that is about to change. Until then, it is the Moon's monthly visits that are key to staying on track and in tune with what your body is telling you. The Moon's return from 12th April to 14th April won't be the last before the Sun, Jupiter and Venus return, but as they will be drawing closer this is when you might find that you are starting to feel inspired to make some big changes. This would be a good time to start paying attention to what changes you might want to make and then start preparing for when the time is right.

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