View the Sagittarius Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance


Sagittarius Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance

On both the romantic and relationship fronts there are some special surprises this year, over and above what you would normally expect. What you would normally expect is, with Eris and Chiron in your romantic sector for several years to come there is a low key but constant force keeping the romantic flame burning, while things become more active as the Sun and faster moving planets move through in March and April. With no ongoing planetary activity on the relationship front, what you would normally expect is a chance to focus on your relationships, as the faster moving planets move through around May and June each year. You definitely have that but on both fronts, there is so much more. Romantic matters benefit from both a head start and something special on the tail end for while the Sun won't return to your romantic sector until 20th March, Venus will return on 8th February.

The reason for Venus' early return to your romantic sector is one of the reasons for something special happening on the relationship front later but at the time is something to simply be embraced. After Venus leaves on 5th March it is not long to wait until the Sun turns the solar spotlight onto matters of the heart, from 20th March to 20th April. Mercury's visit from 11th April to 28th April will keep things going for another eight days after the Sun leaves, but that should be the end of the most active point of the year for matters of the heart. Instead, Mars' return on 28th June will not only fire things up again, but a retrograde turn will keep the planet of passion here until January 2021. And this is where romantic and relationship matters have something in common. I mentioned that Venus' early return to your romantic sector would have implications on the relationship front and not just because she will also be early to return to your relationship sector on 4th April.

This time, with the Sun not returning until 21st May, Venus returns so early that she will be pulled back and instead of spending just 24 days here, the planet of love will instead remain in your relationship sector until 8th August. What you have this year is Venus, the planet of love retrograding in your relationship sector and Mars retrograding in your romantic sector, both staying months longer than they normally would and both holding the doors open to the past and second chances. Venus will open the doors to the past and second chances on the relationship front from 13th May to 25th June, while Mars will hold them open to the past and second chances on the romantic front from 10th September to 14th November. Meanwhile, a lunar eclipse on the relationship front on 30th November will create a bridge between romantic and relationship matters, during this extraordinary year on both fronts.

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View the Sagittarius Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance
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