View the Sagittarius Forecast for 2020


Sagittarius Forecast for 2020

The best way to describe in a nutshell what kind of year 2020 will be, before filling in the details, is through the analogy of a house. If 2020 was a house, it is a house that you have been building since as far back as December 2014, which is when you had a three year long hard slog to build the foundations. 2019 was the year you actually got to build that house and 2020 is the year that you finally get to live in and enjoy that house. Except instead of a house, what you have been building is your own future. The three years of hard slog were when you had Saturn in Sagittarius, from December 2014 to December 2017 and the building took place while Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion was in Sagittarius, which he was from November 2018 to December 2019, with a chance now to fully embrace and own the future. While you begin the year with no more planets in Sagittarius, by 3rd January Mars will be here and until leaving on 17th February will work to fuel your passions, drives and competitive spirit.

In terms of what you can expect this year the one word that best describes the overall energy and the most powerful theme is 'abundance'. This is the year when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour and while this means that this has the potential to be a lucrative year, it is not just about the money. However to have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto meet up in and spend the majority of the year together in your income sector, for the first time in our lifetime, this has the ability to be a lucrative year. Yet it is important not to focus just on the money, for this is about believing in what you deserve and working with the planets of luck, change and the planet that gives you the power to move mountains in order to get what you deserve across all the currencies in your life. Yet it is not just having these powerful planets in your income sector that makes this a potentially lucrative year, for you have the right kind of professional backup.

Over and above the ordinary planetary activity on the job and career fronts each year, you have Uranus spending his first full year in your work sector and here now until 2026, he is now settled in for the long haul. Any planet moving through your income sector will form a friendly aspect to Uranus and together with activity from the faster planets, this will make the period from 17th February to 12th May some of the best combined months of the year on the income and job fronts. In the meantime both Venus and Mars will turn retrograde this year and that means they will each spend a lot longer in two areas of your chart and in both cases this is exciting. Instead of visiting your relationship sector for 24 days Venus, the planet of love will spend over four months here, from 4th April to 8th August. In the meantime, Mars will return to an adventurous part of your chart on 28th June to spend six weeks fuelling a passion for adventure, but will instead spend the rest of the year here, not leaving until January 2021.

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View the Sagittarius Forecast for 2020
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