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Jun 21 - Jul 22

Cancer Forecast for 2019: Work & Business

While lucky Jupiter returned to your work sector in early November and the final two months of 2018 may have been busy, everything changes in the early days of the New Year. It may even feel like the professional gods have flipped a switch, setting everything in motion in the early hours of the year. Just starting the year with lucky Jupiter in your work sector is an advantage and as he is here until 3rd December, this is your most auspicious year for job growth and opportunities in over a decade. In fact, it is on the job front that you will find most of this year's big opportunities. You begin the year with Mercury here as well and while he will leave on 5th January, this allows you to start the year with your head in the game.

At this stage, with Uranus in retrograde motion in your career sector and Venus and Mars having gone into holiday mode towards the end of last year, you may even doubt that this really is the busy year this is destined to be. Yet from day one everything starts to change, making it important to use Mercury's influence to work smarter from the get go. It begins with Mars' return to your career sector on New Year's Day, with your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit kicking in during the very early hours of the year. Uranus' direct turn on 7th January will release the handbrake, just a day before Venus joins Jupiter in your work sector.

When you throw in a total lunar eclipse in your income sector on 21st January, you have an explosion of opportunities opening up in the early weeks of 2019. Venus will leave your work sector on 4th February, Mars will leave your career sector on 14th February and Uranus on 6th March, bringing that initial rush to an end. With Jupiter in your work sector until 3rd December he can take it from here, keeping the wheels turning on the job front all year. While things will go quiet on the career front, you will need those few weeks until the Sun returns to your career sector on 21st March to catch your breath. This will kick off another busy two months on the career front, from 21st March to 15th May. However, nothing like the manic pace the first six weeks of this year will set. Meanwhile, while Jupiter will keep the wheels turning on the job front all year Venus will return to your work sector on 2nd November and the Sun on 23rd November to both make his final weeks count and take over when he moves on. Jupiter will leave on 3rd December, but there will be support to tie up loose ends, right through to the final hours of 2019.

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View the Cancer Forecast for 2019: Work & Business
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