View the Cancer Forecast for 2020: Work & Business


Cancer Forecast for 2020: Work & Business

While this year will get a busy start and there are a lot of exciting developments on both the job and career fronts, a lot of what you will achieve this year will come under the 'fruits of your labour' umbrella, with a chance to reap what you have sown. While you begin the year with no planetary activity on the job front, this is not representative of where you have been or where you are going. It was in the final days of December 2019 that Mercury left your work sector, the Sun just before Christmas and Jupiter had only just wrapped up a 13 month visit earlier that month. There may be no planetary activity in your work sector on New Year's Day but this is something that you are still adjusting to and also won't last. It is on 3rd January, a month after Jupiter left that Mars will return to exploit all the potential. Just when work and job matters should have run their course, the real opportunities will only now have a chance to be exploited.

Mars is in your work sector until 17th February, so the first six weeks of 2020 could be some of the busiest. However, Mars is not building things from scratch and is here to exploit the potential you spent the whole of 2019 working towards and this is when you are likely to reap the fruits of your labour. Mars might get the glory, but it is everything you invested into last year that he is here to exploit. Because the Sun will always leave your work sector just before Christmas but doesn't return to your career sector until 20th March, there is usually almost a three month gap between the two, allowing for a chance to catch your breath in the early months of the year, before things speed up again professionally. Instead there is zero gap between the two. Yes, Mars will leave your work sector on 17th February and the Sun won't return to your career sector until 20th March, but Venus will return on 8th February.

However, Venus won't make heavy demands and if anything will work to ensure that career and professional matters have a slice of Mars' pie during this crossover period, from 8th February to 17th February likely to be opportune on both the job and career fronts. Venus will leave on 5th March, so will be gone by the time the Sun moves through from 20th March to 20th April and Mercury from 11th April to 28th April. This is the point where the dwarf planet Eris, in your career sector for decades now, should take over and keep things on track for the rest of the year. That is the case though not for long, with Mars not only returning to your career sector on 28th June but not leaving until January 2022. Mars will spend the second half of the year in your career sector but in retrograde motion from 10th December to 14th November, part of that will be a chance to go back over old ground.

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View the Cancer Forecast for 2020: Work & Business
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