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Monday, April 22, 2024

Your listening skills today are unmatched. They are not only made of sympathy and compassion, but also of your ability to share intimate and personal experiences that reveal your feelings and your vulnerable side.

Ox Weekly Horoscope: Apr 22 to Apr 28, 2024

As you move towards the halfway point in the month of the Dragon on Wednesday's Full Moon, life could be starting to become busier and especially on the home and family front. The Dragon likes to make things happen and get things down and add in the potency of waxing Moon in its full growth phase and you could have a sense of urgency or a drive to make things happen. You might even find yourself nesting or with the sudden urge to clean out a cupboard, paint a room or drive cross country to visit family. Wherever the Dragon is drawing your attention there will be a sense that you need to either make it happen now or make plans to make it happen.

Ox Monthly Horoscope: April 2024

When the eclipsing New Moon on 8th April brings the month of the Rabbit to a close, this will also bring to an end the influence of the Year of the Rabbit, which only ended eight weeks earlier. This was a chance to recapture the Rabbit's influence and being under its influence for 13 months, this was easy to pick up on. Yet with the Rabbit's influence ending, this makes the first week of the month especially important. Mainly because of this broad influence, with the Rabbit able to keep you mentally focused, with your feet on the ground and the communication lines open. This is something that you can take with you when the month of the Dragon shifts the focus onto home and family, eight weeks after the Year of the Dragon began.

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Power Numbers: 20, 22, 37, 41, 51, 54

Friendly Signs: Goat & Tiger

Beware of: Rooster

Colour of the day: Sandy Brown

Born Today: Immanuel Kant, Madame de Stael, Vladimir Lenin, Vladimir Nabokov, Charles Mingus, Jack Nicholson

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