Daily Horoscope: Current Planet Positions

Current Planet Positions

July 29, 2021 at 12:04:25 AM GMT

Sun ☉


06° 06'  18"
Moon ☽


07° 20'  21"
Mercury ☿


01° 59'  31"
Venus ♀


08° 21'  13"
Mars ♂


29° 27'  34"
Jupiter ♃


29° 56'  59" R
Saturn ♄


10° 30'  05" R
Uranus ♅


14° 35'  33"
Neptune ♆


22° 54'  47" R
Pluto ♇


25° 17'  48" R


  • Sun Conjunct Mercury 4°
  • Sun Opposite Saturn 4°
  • Mars Opposite Jupiter 0°
  • Sun Trine Moon 1°
  • Moon Trine Mercury 5°
  • Saturn Square Uranus 4°
  • Moon Sextile Saturn 3°
  • Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°


Sun Trine Moon
There is a nice balance today between your emotional side and your ego. This will promote harmony between you and women, the public, family members, and children. Think about talking over emotional issues with the people you are close to as this transit brings harmony and a willingness to compromise and see the others' point of view.

Sun Conjunct Mercury
You may feel like expressing yourself today through your thoughts and words. You feel a need to be heard, that you have something of importance to say. Say what is on your mind, but give equal time to others and listen to them. You might learn something new. Your thinking today should be sharp and focused.

Sun Opposite Saturn
You may become involved in conflicts between your need for self-expression and your duties to others. The key is to find a balance. You may tend to be selfish today and many problems can be alleviated by thinking of others first. A feeling of loneliness may come upon you today, but it's probably just that, a feeling. It's not the true state of things. Do your duty, meet your obligations, then you have every right to start thinking of yourself.


Mars Opposite Jupiter
You may notice that you've overextended yourself regarding relationships with others. You may have promised more than you can deliver and now may be the time when people feel as if you've let them down. This is not the time to get involved in a risky business or investment opportunity. Pull in the reins a little and curb your desire to overspend. You must guard against over-optimism and overconfidence. The desire to take risks may be high today. If you choose that route, just remember that a little restraint can go a long way and may save you trouble and financial loss down the road. Go get some exercise and you will probably feel better.


Saturn Square Uranus
You encounter frustrations now that throw a wet blanket on your enthusiasm. You feel blocked and hemmed in. Your creative and original plans meet with opposition from conservative people, established rules and societal norms. You are forced into finding new outlets for your creative ideas. You may have to abandon your approach to an activity, and try a new angle.


Neptune Sextile Pluto
Tremendous psychological and inner growth takes place now. Although these changes may not have a great effect on your outer situation, they are very important and beneficial. Elimination of deeply ingrained negative attitudes is possible.

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Daily Horoscope: Current Planet Positions
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