Daily Horoscope: Current Planet Positions

Current Planet Positions

June 19, 2021 at 3:49:19 AM GMT

Sun ☉


28° 05'  47"
Moon ☽


10° 50'  42"
Mercury ☿


16° 38'  49" R
Venus ♀


20° 14'  28"
Mars ♂


04° 40'  47"
Jupiter ♃


02° 10'  51"
Saturn ♄


12° 57'  11" R
Uranus ♅


13° 18'  28"
Neptune ♆


23° 11'  17"
Pluto ♇


26° 13'  03" R


  • Venus Opposite Pluto 5°
  • Sun Trine Jupiter 4°
  • Moon Trine Mercury 5°
  • Moon Trine Saturn 2°
  • Mercury Trine Saturn 3°
  • Venus Trine Neptune 2°
  • Sun Square Neptune 4°
  • Saturn Square Uranus 0°
  • Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°


Sun Trine Jupiter
Today should be a fortunate day for you. Your confidence and optimism are high. Today is a good day to put plans into action and to participate in group activities. Expand your horizons and pick up something new to learn. It's a good time to grow, to be generous and caring, and to reach out and make others happy. Ask your boss for a raise as those in authority are likely to be receptive today.


Mercury Trine Saturn
You have a keen eye for detail and a practical turn of mind today. Your thinking is deep, practical, organized, and deliberate. You are aware of every flaw in thought and material and your work today will be towards precision. Concentration is sharp and focused. Plans made today are well thought out and, because of this, will probably succeed.


Venus Trine Neptune
You will be sensitive to the feelings of others today. You have the desire to express your love for others through helping them in any way you can. Your intuition and imagination are strong today and you can use these to create works of beauty and art. Subconscious insights can be gained if you listen to your inner voice. You have great sympathy, compassion and psychological understanding of women, family members, and those in need.

Venus Opposite Pluto
Strong desires and passions sometimes go along with this aspect. There may be the desire to completely change the partner or to completely transform any current relationship. Jealousy, possessiveness, and the desire to have control over others makes today's influence very difficult. You can't change someone else and you can't run their life, so stop trying or else the resentment they feel toward you will have destructive consequences. Make up your mind not to manipulate people.


Saturn Square Uranus
You encounter frustrations now that throw a wet blanket on your enthusiasm. You feel blocked and hemmed in. Your creative and original plans meet with opposition from conservative people, established rules and societal norms. You are forced into finding new outlets for your creative ideas. You may have to abandon your approach to an activity, and try a new angle.


Neptune Sextile Pluto
Tremendous psychological and inner growth takes place now. Although these changes may not have a great effect on your outer situation, they are very important and beneficial. Elimination of deeply ingrained negative attitudes is possible.

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Daily Horoscope: Current Planet Positions
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