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Aug 23 - Sept 22

Virgo Forecast for 2019: Money

This is a financial year of two halves, which is often the case, with a lot of focus on money matters in the first half of the year and then the focus shifting to income matters in the second half. Yet this isn't quite the year of two halves that it usually is. For with Uranus in your financial sector since 2010, even when income matters had their turn, which they always do in the final four months of each year, they had competition. This year we have Uranus finally retiring, leaving your financial sector on 6th March and then not returning for another eight decades. This makes his final months more important and puts even more focus on money matters, but it means that when income matters get their turn there will be less competition. The money gods also have a trick up their sleeves to ensure income matters do get a turn in the early part of the year.

Mars' return to your financial sector on New Year's Day will see your financial passions and fighting spirit kick in within the early hours of the year. If you've made financial resolutions in the past and they fail to launch, you haven't met this financial year yet. By the time Mars leaves on 15th February, you will be well on the way to taking your financial power back. It is just a few weeks later that Uranus will leave on 6th March, allowing money matters to go quiet until the Sun returns on 21st March, turning the solar spotlight onto your financial situation and money matters, as it does at this time every year. Yet with Uranus gone, a long term focus on money matters is over and this is a more ordinary annual update, one that will run through to 15th May.

It is during this period that the money gods on the income side of the fence will launch their assault. Without Uranus in your financial sector, a Full Moon in your income sector on 21st March, the same day the Sun returns to your financial sector, will get minimal push back. The money gods will like that so much they will do it again four weeks later, with a second Full Moon on the income front on 19th April. With money matters having held more sway than income matters for years now, this is an attempt to balance the scales. This offers two opportunities for unexpected income developments. However, the most lucrative months of 2019 will run from 14th September to 19th November. Without Uranus on the other side of the sky in your financial sector, there won't be the push back or the need to balance this with money matters as a whole, as has been the case for years now. This creates a year where the focus is on money matters in the early months and on income matters later in the year, but income forces aren't ready to completely stick to their own lanes, striking out with those two potentially lucrative Full Moons.

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View the Virgo Forecast for 2019: Money
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